About me…

I know how daunting life can be. For a very long time I suffered from severe stage fright, and regardless of how much I longed to be on stage to sing and perform it was a complete nightmare every time I did.

I know what it’s like to hold yourself back from the things you love to do and how painful it can be to be locked in your own self-imposed prison. I know how it feels to diminish yourself so everybody will like you. I know what it costs to postpone your dreams and not doing the things you love and came here to do.


I ran into the wall really hard. And not just once but three times before I got the message… One day I realized that it was more painful to not do the things I loved than to expose myself to the stage fright. Since then my life has been very different. I started to take myself and my dreams seriously and putting them before everything else, like other people’s opinions. I started to challenge myself to do the very things I was scared of doing. And I ended up leaving the job that I had dreaded for so many years, to start working with clients all around the world who want to heal their subconscious beliefs.

I have always been extremely creative. I started being creative even before I could speak. My childhood was filled with paint and all sorts of creative materials and I was encouraged by my parents to paint just for the fun of it and not to focus on the outcome.


I started sewing and designing my own clothes when I was still in kindergarten and my mum taught me how to knit and to do crocheting in our kitchen when I was 7 years old. From an early age I was very interested in different kinds of crafting techniques and studied weaving, embroidery and lace making when other children went skiing… I have always loved fabrics and have big piles of bits of cloth that might become quilts one day. I’m also extremely curious…

Not that I’m particularly interested in gossip. And I haven’t watched the news for 30 years. I can’t do anything about it anyway, apart from getting depressed and sad about how things are in this world and what people are prepared to do to each other because they don’t want to be responsible for their own emotions.

No, the way I’m curious is this: I want to learn everything! I usually think that it can’t be that hard and if other people can do it, then I could too… This has led to three different university exams, I know a lot about how to renovate houses including how to insulate with eco-friendly materials and how to put up wooden panels.

I have started my own publishing house so I could publish my own children’s book, I have studied a wide range of alternative medicine techniques, like kinesiology, theta-healing, Divine Healing Master Key and essential oils. I taught myself how to design and make wedding dresses as well as fancy costumes so I could open up my own tailoring shop when I was 25, I have learned how to do silver smiting, photographing and how to paint and draw.

I have also been a nude model in an art school, I have sung at concerts and funerals where I discovered that I have a special gift to comfort people with my voice and to speak to their hearts, I have been a piano teacher, a sewing teacher, a primary teacher, a secondary teacher, a teacher for immigrants and a private tutor in English as well as teaching people how to make jewelry.

I have done street performing, worked as an usher at a theater and made stage costumes for a one-wheel-cyclist. I have written articles in the newspapers about the school system and started a blog for my primary students to make them learn more Swedish. I have designed my own jewelries and have made engagement and wedding rings for clients. I have lived in 17 different places, renovated 4 houses, visited 20 countries and have had more than 30 different jobs.

To me everything is more or less creative. I love cookery books and have at least 35, which I love to read, but when I cook I don’t use them. I improvise. It’s more fun that way. I also have a lot of books about gardening, but I always end up doing it my way anyway.

That’s how I am with most things. I watch how other people do things and then I invent my own way of doing it.


I know how to help you get out of the crippling comfort zone and how to support a much grander version of YOU! You came here for a reason and now it’s time for you to shine. The world is waiting.

Black & white photos were taken by photographer Anders Jirås.

The 30 day Creative Flow program woke me up. I committed to art everyday and did it every day. I really surprised myself with my creativity and the quality of my creations. I kept an open mind and was transported out of my comfort zone. You’ve got something amazing here, Sara Aurora.

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Andria Pedlar, Canada,

Artist & Creativity Coach, www.andriapedlar.com