Discover Your Soul Purpose!

Stop procrastinating & start making money

while you do what you love!

– Are you stuck in a job you hate and you feel that there should be more to life than this?

– Do you already know what your Soul Purpose is, but you keep procrastinating and everything feels like a struggle?

– Or maybe you don’t know what your Soul Purpose is, but you know you are meant for something bigger?

Come join me for an amazing adventure, to get absolutely clear on your Soul Purpose, what’s stopping you from living it and what to do about it!

I love the group and having to be accountable. I have found a calm I didn’t have and deeper insight into my vulnerabilities and areas that need work. I also love myself much more than before and have more patience with myself. I used to be so scared of painting and now it’s my favorite thing to do!

Christin Malvegård

I love this group – a group of wonderful people supporting each other and growing together led by an insprational teacher💜 I love all the tasks/homework you give us. It all makes me think more and see things from different perspectives. It also helps give me hope when I feel there is little left. I love gaining insights into why I do what I do and this group has helped lots with that. It’s wonderful to have a private and supportive place to share our thoughts and feelings and to have support clarifying them. I love the reading recommendations too. Thank you for everything 💖

Sara Lyndley

Primary Teacher

For a whole year you will have my almost daily support!  I will help you see the beauty in you, coach you to stop procrastinating, show you how to accept yourself, and point out a direction for how to reach your goals

I love this work so much! It makes my heart sing when I see my clients fall in love with themselves and their lives, and I will do what it takes to help you do that too!

No matter how horrible your childhood was, or how disappointed you are in how your life has turned out – we can change it all!

You are so worthy of having a life you love. Life is not supposed to be something you put up with, something that feels like a burden that you have to endure. Life is supposed to be beautiful and amazing!!

I really love this group. You challenge me to even do new things that I’m terrified of. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve got a whole new different view of money. I feel I deserve a lot more now. I don’t have to choose between money, love and success.

Linda Bengtsson

Spiritual Channeler & Intuitive Guide

Thank you Sara Aurora – I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with you! You have given me the tools for removing my money blocks in a gentle yet insistent way.

Toni Dearle, Australia

Tour organizer

In the Discover Your Soul Purpose Coaching Program we will use a lot of different tools for growth & expansion! You will get meditations, tapping exercises, visualisations, mind maps, check-lists and lots of creative assignments, that will help you find your purpose and your love for yourself. Everything will be downloadable so you can keep it and use it again and again! Every month we will focus on a theme, to really dig deep and create change within that area!

Finally! Finally someone who gets me, understands me and talks to me in such a way that it sticks. Thanks to clear exercises and modules that are talking my language as a creative thinker, I am now finally moving forward to having a healthy relationship with money – and more importantly myself.
Abby Wilkes, U.K.


I know you know that you have a mission here on Earth. You are here for a specific reason and we need you to find that reason so you can start living your amazing mission and share your Soul Purpose with the world! You are here to ignite a unique sparkle to light up our lives. We desperately need you and we need you NOW.

In this program you will go on an adventure to find and really hone in on your true Soul Purpose. It will be an exciting journey where you will discover new things about yourself and what you really love. You will get all the tools you need to uncover your Soul Purpose and you will learn how to share it with the world through your new, amazing Soul based business that will make your heart sing. Or maybe you don’t want to have a business? Having a business isn’t a requirement for living your Soul Purpose and having an amazing life! You can find your dream job that makes you feel fulfilled and happy and that supports your idea of a dream life.

It all comes down to Self-love, Self-worth and Self-confidence. When you love yourself enough, you won’t put up with an unfulfilling life for one more day! When you feel how worthy you are – just by birthright alone – you WILL start creating different circumstances to manifest your bliss. I know, because I’ve been there. For so many years I felt unworthy and not good enough to be unconditionally loved. It ALL changed when I started to love myself and FEEL worthy. This is why a big part of the program is dedicated to Self-doubt, Self-love, Self-worth & Self-confidence!

Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, Comparisonitis, Procrastination, Perfectionism or Fear of failure? We will address it all in the program! In the end you will be happier, more confident, less afraid and have greater clarity on what you want.

Sara Aurora Waters is a great teacher and coach. She’s very understanding and accommodating of her students. I’m able to walk away with a free sense of being. To face those deep-rooted feelings, take charge of my life, and say yes to abundance.
Jody Kristina, U.S.

Intuitive Leadership Coach

As a busy mum and business woman I want information I can easily apply in my real life, and I want that information given to me in a clear, no fuss style so that I can get on with applying it in my own life. Sara Aurora’s teaching style does exactly that. Thank you Sara Aurora. I can confirm I’m now in a happy and loving relationship with money. I now have a money friend instead of a money monster.
Wendy Tomlinson, U.K.

Life & Business Coach

Your journey proved to be enlightening for me. I enjoyed the private Pinterest board where we could comment and share our thoughts. This created confidence in my art practices. I felt supported, yet you were not too light on us, you pushed us to ask questions of our unconscious. I’ve just begun to take myself seriously by working with you. It was a fun, joy, light, beautiful experience. Sara Aurora, you are a wonderful teacher and I would like the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Being an artist beyond my imagination!
Jane Morba, U.S.


Group Coaching

What you get:

Monthly exercises

Monthly recordings

Daily accountability

Secret FB Group

1 live Q&A every month (75 minutes), including group healing

Feedback & support on all assignments


What you get:

Everything included in the group coaching program

+ 2 Private 90 minute Sessions every month


Pay the whole year in ful

What you get:

Everything included in the VIP program

+  2 in person VIP days 

All sales are final

You also get the following bonuses:

A 1-1 session where we map out your amazing year!

A procrastination Journal to keep you on track!

A 90-day Diary every third month

Checklists for your daily, weekly and monthly goals

The Inner Child Challenge 6-week e-course

The Feel Good Diary 

Sara Aurora Waters is the mentor one dreams of. Not only has she helped me unleash my creative beast, she has helped me change my life, and live a life that is in more support of my dreams and true self.

Sara Aurora will stand by your side and support the greatest version of yourself to shine through. She is intuitive, wise and not afraid to confront you with the truth. She really sees through you and your process, and with a gentle yet powerful hand, she guides you through a magical journey of self-discovery and pure FUN.

I have learned to approve of myself first and not seek approval from others to give me permission to create or validate my existence. I have found a new joy in creating, and with the help of Sara Aurora, discovered so many new ways of expressing myself artistically. I feel more free and confident in my creative process, and I enjoy the process so much more. Sara Aurora is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you sign up for one of her courses, be prepared for a wildly magical and fun ride. Be prepared to uncover, discover and let go. Be prepared to go deep and see your life change from the inside out. The transformation is REAL. The inspiration is palpable! Give yourself that gift you know you deserve and join in the fun!!

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, U.S.



How do I get feedback on my assignments?

– All feedback is given in the secret Facebook group!

 How do I get my questions answered about the program?

– This also happens in the secret Facebook group!

How is the program delivered?

– You will get access to a password protected website where all your assignments will be available for download. All information and updates about the program happens in the secret Facebook group. Nothing will be delivered by email.

 How long do I have access to the assignments for?

– All assignments are downloadable so you can keep them for life!

Will I have to be present at a certain time for any parts of the program?

– The monthly Q&A will be live on Zoom in the end of each month. I will do my best to accommodate the participants’ time zones, but there will also be a recording of each Q&A, which will be posted in the secret Facebook group.

Are there any refunds?

– There are no refunds, because you fill up a space in the program when you join. Because space is limited, you need to honor your commitment for the whole year.

 Can I leave before the 12 months are up?

– You can leave at any time, but you still need to honor your financial commitment and pay for the whole year. However, the point of this being a year-long program is because of the power of commitment! Your transformation will be much greater if you commit 100% to finishing this program and all of the assignments. When you make a commitment, you are sending a powerful message to your subconscious to manifest change!

When do I get access to the bonuses?

– Everything will be released on January 1st when the program starts.

How much time do I need to set aside each week?

– You need to have at least two hours to spend every week on the program (+ 2×90 minute 1-1 sessions every month if you’re a VIP!), but it’s completely up to you. The more time you spend on the assignments and engaging in the group, the more you will benefit. There are no requirements, but if you don’t engage in the program, there won’t be much transformation in your life. On the other hand – if you do fully engage with the program, it has the power to change your life!

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My name is Sara Aurora, and I am an international creativity coach & intuitive healer, as well as a textile artist. I love playing with fabrics & yarn and I also love seeing people grow in their own eyes and fall in love with themselves! 

My spiritual awakening started around 2000, and I have been a professional healer & coach since 2006. I have also been a teacher for 20 years. My mission is to empower people and help them see how amazing they really are!

When we start loving ourselves we can start living our best lives! My goal is for you to embrace all of yourself and realise that you are already good enough and you have what it takes.  Your dream life is waiting for you…