My mission

I am an international, intuitive healer who specialises in clearing trauma from childhood and previous lifetimes.

I help women to break free from perfectionism and burnout, so they can fall in love with themselves, their creativity and their lives.

My mission is to create peace on Earth by healing one woman at a time, and to heal the wounded healers around the world, so they too can help heal the Earth.

If you’re fed up and depressed, it’s your soul telling you that it’s time to change your life.


I started connecting to Source and channeling messages almost 20 years ago, and since then I have more and more been channeling past lives and how to heal them.

The foundation of my work is my laser sharp intuition.

In our sessions I do a lot of channeling, so what I tell you is usually not my opinion – it comes from another source.

The way I see it is that it comes from God/The Creator/The Universe – which ever you prefer to call that omnipotent field behind it all.

And to do the actual healing work, I go into the Quantum Field, where all things are pure potential and nothing is yet manifest in reality.

When we change things at that level, change can be instant, if we let it!

Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t make you happy – life’s too short for that!

Start taking your dreams and yourself seriously and dare to dream big.

I have been stuck, just like you

I was a miserable teacher for 20 years, and tried everything to get out of that!

I actually love teaching, but I felt restricted within the school system and never felt comfortable grading pupils.

It was neither creative, nor child-friendly, and in the end I felt that it was almost killing me.

I was stuck in a box that was way too small for me!

In 2018 I was sacked, and that was one of my happiest days of my life!

Since then I have never looked back, and for 6 years I have been a full-time healer & coach, helping women to pursue their dreams and create a life they love.

I started working as a healer already on 2006, but for many years I did it in my spare time while working as a teacher full or part time.

Finally I could let go of teaching and work full time with what I love – helping women grow their self-worth!

If you want to label me, I guess you could call me a life-coach, but I don’t like to restrict myself – I want to help you with what ever you need help with, whether that’s your work, your relationships, your inner child, your relationship to money, or your purpose in life.

I want you to have fun while we work together!

And I want you to feel inspired and alive!

I will give you lots of recommendations for books to read and other things that my intuition tells me that you need to check out.

Sometimes it can be a historical era, because there’s a past life that has some wisdom for you, so I might suggest a film for you to watch.

Sometimes it might be an artist or a piece of music, or a fairy tale.

The more you engage in our work, the more you’ll get out of it.

The women who have had the biggest breakthroughs have been the ones who have focused on our work and not done a thousand other things at the same time.

They have committed to the work and to re-inventing themselves.

Do you feel stuck, and no matter how much positive thinking you do, or how much you try to use the Law of Attraction, things don’t seem to change?

Do you know that you’re meant for more and have an important purpose on Earth, but don’t know how to create that life?

Are you suffering from burnout and/or perfectionism and there’s not enough fun in your life?

Are you a lightworker or an artist and want to be seen and supported by someone who gets you?

Do you want to play more and work less without making less money?

I have a palette of courses & programs and also offer private 1-1 sessions through Zoom – click the button below to find out more!


What if creativity could help you manifest your dreams?

Are you a sensitive soul?

Maybe you’re a lightworker or an artist?

Or maybe you have an “ordinary” kind of job?



It really doesn’t matter!

I would love to support you to have the life you are longing for and know that you’re meant to have, regardless of what you’re doing.

Many women I work with are artists and lightworkers, but I have also worked with many women who are pediatricians, IT- technicians, book keepers, and have all sorts of other jobs.

It’s not about your title – it’s about what you really, really want!

I’d love to support you to have the best time of your life!

I really want you to have more fun & play, and to leave burnout and exhaustion behind you.

There is so much to explore in life, but I know how hard it is if you’re consumed by work and all the daily chores.

Maybe you’re stuck in a job you don’t love, or you don’t know how to create a work/life balance?


Sometimes we need someone else to help us understand and resolve our problems

This is where I come in – even if you don’t have a clue where your problems stem from, I will find and delete the blocks for you, whether they’re in this or a past life.

I often end up in past lives when I work with clients. It’s nothing that I can decide to do – it just happens when the issue is connected to something that happened in another lifetime.

We all have made a lot of vows in past lives, and we all carry trauma from being executed, tortured, humiliated, and so on.

The most common traumas are from being ridiculed in the laughing stock (a medieval public punishment) and from being burnt as a witch, but there are many, many other traumas that you might be carrying around without knowing it, and they still affect your current life whether you know it or not.

That’s how we function, as human beings: we keep repeating things until we have resolved them.

Fortunately you don’t have to re-live the traumas, and I can help you delete them quickly and painfree.


Playing and being creative are crucial for our well-being,

so if you want, I will provide you with creative exercises that will expand your mind and give you access to your subconscious, if you become my client. You can also take one of my self-study courses, to boost your creativity on your own!

Last, but not least, I would love for you to sign up to be notified about when I start another round of my live programs – they have the benefit of letting you be part of a group of like-minded women while you’re doing this work of self-exploration & get access to my creative exercises, group healing AND private 1-1 work with me. You’ll find all my courses and programs here.

I can’t wait to connect with you! I would love to have a virtual cup of coffe on Zoom, to get to know you better. Book your FREE exploration call here:

Sara Aurora Waters is the mentor one dreams of. Signing up for her creativity course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me unleash my creative beast, she has helped me change my life, and live a life that is in more support of my dreams and true self.

Sara will stand by your side and support the greatest version of yourself to shine through. She is intuitive, wise and not afraid to confront you with the truth. She really sees through you and your process, and with a gentle yet powerful hand, she guides you through a magical journey of self discovery and pure FUN.

Since joining the course I have been incredibly creative, I have learned to approve of myself first and not seek approval from others to give me permission to create or validate my existence. I have found a new joy in creating, and with the help of Sara Aurora, discovered so many new ways of expressing myself artistically.

I feel more free and confident in my creative process, and I enjoy the process so much more. Sara is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you sign up for one of her courses, be prepared for a wildly magical and fun ride. Be prepared to uncover, discover and let go. Be prepared to go deep and see your life change from the inside out. The transformation is REAL. The inspiration is palpable! Give yourself that gift you know you deserve and join in the fun!!

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, U.S.


I worked with Sara for a year and a half and my life was completely transformed. Not the kind of flashy superficial transformation but the deep foundational shift. I felt completely stuck and after working with her I was in a totally different place. I felt grounded, supported by myself, empowered, and I’ve been able to shift some really core issues and see impactful results.
Sometimes I just needed to talk and those conversations were invaluable because Sara listened carefully and then coached me beautifully, helping me shift my perspective and mental states into a more supportive, loving and efficient point of view.
I can say working with her has felt like a collaboration with a dear friend. She helped me feel safe and supported all while keeping my agency and autonomy.
On top of that her (many!) recommendations were paramount towards my transformation.
I strongly recommend working with her if you want to address big change. I’m forever grateful and I will always consider Sara a powerful collaborator with whom to work again in the future anytime I need a boost towards the next level.
Paula del Rivero

Contemporary Artist,

Working with Sara is like working with a miracle worker. She deletes traumas from past experiences (and if you’re open to it, previous lifetimes) so you can live your life to the fullest. I had a full-time job that was stressful, unfulfilling, and I dealt with a lot of burn-out because of it. It didn’t feel like I was in control of my life. It felt like I was stuck in my situation with no way out.

In less than 3 months I found a new job and quit the job that was burning me out. My new job fulfills my passions and exceeds my expectations of how employees should be treated – they’re so kind-hearted!

After each session I felt lighter and freer. Like I am the one writing my own life story and I am in control of it. My self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love is real now.

Leea Freedman, U.S.

Small Business Owner, Just Julie, LLC

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