Lately I have been feeding on episodes of Project Runway. I just love the thought of making dresses out of newspaper and pet accessories. I just love the way the contestants have to stretch their minds to fulfill the assignments. And I love to watch what they can make in just one day, technically. And the fact is – the less time they have, the better they perform. When you don’t have time to think, your creativity starts to flow. My roots are in fashion history, Commedia dell’arte, theatre costumes and the Arts & crafts movement in the late 1800 Hundreds, but also in fairy tales, Shakespeare, Nature spirits, as well as in colourful artists like Hundertwasser, Klimt and Matisse. And of course in knitting and architecture – my favourite knitter being Kaffe Fassett, and Gaudi one of my favourite architects. Another huge inspiration is William Morris. And of course the magical worlds of Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll, C.S Lewis and Tolkien.

Here you can see a lot of things that have inspired me:

I have no problems showing the things I create. However, I used to have a horrifying stage fright when it came to singing or speaking in public. But after wasting many, many years avoiding singing in public, I one day realized that it hurt me more not to sing than to be frightened on stage. So I went on stage and sang, because I felt I would die if I didn’t. It was such a happy moment, seeing how my song lit up people’s faces and opened up their hearts. Some of them even had teary eyes. But that is not my purpose in life.

I get so sad when I hear about all the fear people have of showing their creations. It is truly my purpose in life to reduce this fear. My goal is to set as many people as possible free to create and to show their creations fearlessly to anyone. I want to tear down the prison walls that keep so many people locked up.

I was brought up to focus on the process – not the outcome. So that is what I do. I love showing the things I create, not because I need the feedback, but because I love to share and to inspire. I don’t actually care that much what people think – to me it’s much more interesting to see what they got inspired to do. And I’m much more interested in my own feelings about my own work. I love seeing what comes out of me, and to see what has been waiting inside of me to be born. My art makes me happy. If anyone else gets happy watching it, that is an added bonus. If they don’t like it, then that is just a sign that we’re not really communicating; we’re not on the same journey. That is fine by me. Singing, sewing, painting, photographing – it’s all about communicating. Communicating between the inner and outer me, communicating between me and an audience, or communicating between me and the Universe. What is the message that wants to be communicated? How can I deliver it? And how can I help with birthing more messages out of more people in this world? How can I contribute to safety around creativity?

I have created a Creative Forum in my 12 week program “Find Your Own Creative Flow”. This Creative Forum is a safe space for you to talk about all your worries and fears around being creative. And it’s a wonderful place to share your creations and get intuitive feedback from me. Sign up now and come and play with me for 12 whole weeks!