Imagination is more important than knowledge, said Einstein. And knowledge will only take you so far! The limitation itself is built into any knowledge you can have, because there will always be the things that are outside of that knowledge, that are beyond reach. It doesn’t matter what area of expertise – it’s the same whatever you know. There will always be something you don’t know, and because of that you will hit upon things blocking you as long as you depend on your knowledge.


Flipflops-Sara-Aurora-Waters-2016With imagination it’s different. When you have worked on expanding and exploring your imagination you know that you can rely on it to help you whatever you stumble upon. It will serve you as long as you are willing to play along and let go of control. Imagination is the wild child of your right brain half, and as such it shrinks when you put a cap on it or try to control it to do what you want it to do. Imagination is dependent on your faith. The right brain half is a rebel who likes to be unleashed and free, or it will let you down and run away. Your left brain half, on the other hand, will protest and say things like “this seems dangerous – what if it doesn’t work out?” and your reptilian brain will get scared and think that you are threatened by a dangerous animal, so it will put you in fight or flight mode. But then you will be stuck in your comfort zone. Because that’s where parts of your brain want to keep you. Especially a part called Caudet Nucleus is governing your survival and will shut down any attempt to go too far into the unknown…



But your imagination will love being taken on an adventure into the unknown!! That is where it thrives the most… When you don’t know, your imagination will step in and come up with unexpected solutions that you would never think of while using your logical brain half. So the trick is to keep your left hemisphere calm by not going too far into the unknown, and to keep your right hemisphere entertained by still going outside of your comfort zone…



Knowledge will always be connected to the known – that which we already know and have accepted as real. Imagination taps into what could be real somewhere in the future. That is where dreams are born and new inventions are created.

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