“Words that enlighten the soul

are more precious than jewels” 

Hazrat Inayat Khan

When we talk, the things we say say a lot about us. They say a lot about who we are and who we want to be. And how we see ourselves. Most importantly of all – they affect us on a subconscious level, day in and day out.

Letters-sculpture-When we say “Yes” we get strengthened. Even our muscles get strengthened. This is why kinesiology works. When you say “Yes” you get strong and when you say “No” you get weak, because the brain sends out signals to your muscles. But this also affects us subconsciously. Every time we say something negative we get weakened. Every time we curse we get weakened – even if we think we don’t care. Every time we backtalk someone, they AND we get weakened. And even when we say funny things like “that’s terribly nice of you” we actually get weakened, because the subconscious notices the negative word “terribly”, which overrides “nice”.

And – maybe you’ve heard it before, but it needs repeating many times – our subconscious/our brain doesn’t understand the word “not”. This is so important to realize and adjust to. Every time you say things like “I don’t want to be ill” your subconscious will hear you saying “I want to be ill”. That’s like putting in an order to become ill!! What do you actually tell yourself on a daily basis? Keep your ears open for the next couple of days and be aware of what comes out through your mouth. You might get surprised!

Gothenburg-Harbor-Sara-Aurora-Waters-2016Do you say uplifting things to yourself every day? Louise L. Hay says that we need to say “I approve of myself” several hundred times every day, to balance out all the negative things we keep repeating subconsciously. The most effective way to do this is to say it in front of the mirror, looking into your own eyes. And you could always throw in some “I love you” as well! I am convinced that most of our problems in this world stem from our feeling of being disconnected from our souls and from our Source. We all thirst for love and connection to some extent. We all ask ourselves if we are good enough, if we are pretty enough and if we are clever enough to be loved and accepted by God/ Source/The Universe or whatever you want to call it. We all feel a little lost being in this dimension of dense matter, having a body and an ego. We all have a secret longing to “go home” and be one with All That Is. The road back to unity is to start treating ourselves as if we were totally accepted, totally loved, and already in total unity.

Seashells-Sara-Aurora-Waters-2016When I work as Thetahealer I use muscle testing to find the hidden programs that run in the subconscious. Often we have a double set of believes or “programs” that counteract each other, which makes us think that everything is fine, all the while the negative ones are running our lives. For example we can have the belief “I love myself” at the same time as we have the conflicting belief “I hate myself” or “I dislike myself”, “I despise myself”, “I am embarrassed about myself”, or we might lack the program “I am good enough”, which means the muscle testing will show up as “No”. Then I need to clear all the negative beliefs andFree skype session.jpg big install “I am good enough”, and then the person will start to feel and act very differently, because they will now be appreciative of who they are and not be wanting to destroy themselves by smoking or other destructive behavior. They will start to be kind to themselves and be better at setting boundaries with other people, because they now respect themselves and their own boundaries.



You are good enough. And you are lovable. And beautiful. And clever. Maybe you just don’t know it yet and need a reminder.