In my experience, both as a creativity coach and a spiritual healer, most of our creative blocks and things blocking us in life in general stem from wounds we got at a very early age (and sometimes even in a previous lifetime, but we’ll save that for a different post…).

When we are children we hear things in a different way and sometimes we get hurt and cling onto something that’s been said to us, even though it was just something small and seemingly insignificant. We bury the hurt and the sadness inside of us and start to build up a block. Sometimes it’s not even something that is being said to us. It’s just something we pick up in our body – an emotional tension; a knowing that something is seriously wrong. And we think that it must be us or our behavior.




When I was 4 years old I went to a dance class. It wasn’t ballet or anything like that – it was more like improvisational movement. At the end of the term we had a show where all the parents were invited. The teacher asked who wanted to do a solo performance acting as “The Little Wind”? I was quick to respond. That sounded like fun! So I danced my little wind-impersonating dance in front of the audience and loved it, when all the sudden I became aware of my mum’s feelings… Something wasn’t right. In fact, something was very, very wrong! I shouldn’t have taken up so much space and stopped others from doing the solo-dance… I shouldn’t think that I was better than the other ones… I should step back and let others shine…




This experience haunted me for many, many years, without my knowing… I couldn’t figure out why I was so hesitant to being in front of an audience and got so incredibly nervous as soon as a group of people was looking at me. Eventually someone helped me connect the dots and I started to communicate with that little 4-year old inside of me and heal the memory and the block, but the block had held me back for such a long time, subconsciously, from stepping up and be seen.

We all have a little child inside of us, and when we open up and start to talk to that little child, we usually get surprising answers and insights into what’s gone wrong and what’s stopping us from living the life we want. Then we can start to heal.




I see it over and over again as a healer: how a part of us has got stuck at a certain age, and when I muscle my clients, they will test positive to still being at that age.  This means that the world is full of adults who act like they were 5-year olds… And especially when we get triggered by something outside of us, we start acting out from that old wound, becoming that age again.

That Inner Child is an actual person that we can communicate with! Now we get to be the adult who treats that little girl or boy the way we would have wanted to be treated when we were little, and they will tell us what they need to heal. We actually get to re-write history.






To heal your own Inner Child, you can take my 6-week self-study course! It will be an exciting journey into your own soul, using creativity as the vehicle!

You will be exploring how to communicate with that little child who still lives inside of you and how to let him/her express how they feel and what’s on their mind, so you can become whole.