I often come across women (and a few men!) who still carry creative wounds from their childhood that are stopping them from expressing their creativity, and even from having the life they want. Why is this so common?

I think we always do our best, as humans and as parents, but if we don’t have a clear understanding of how to nurture the innate creative flow in a person we will go about it in a random, haphazard manner. We will tell the child that its drawings are pretty in an attempt to encourage, which will only lead to the child being obsessed about the looks of its creations instead of enjoying being creative. And since the child knows that her drawings actually aren’t that pretty, she will start comparing herself with others who can draw even prettier. You know when that’s happened, because she will start asking you to draw instead of her. In other words – if we don’t understand the basics of creativity, we won’t understand what will support it either.


feather-in-the-sand-sara-aurora-waters-2016The point of being a human being is to be an explorer. Our creativity is a tool for us to explore and affect reality in new ways. So the point isn’t the end product – it is the process itself. As humans we enjoy expressing ourselves, through speaking, dancing, singing, painting, gardening, writing… This means that we need to shift our focus from the receiver of our creative endeavors to the sender – ourselves and what we want to express and why. This is the beauty of us all being different – no one else can express their own creativity in the exact same way. The problem is that we are often encouraged to copy instead of expressing our own true nature.


sun-beams-at-lomma-beach-sara-aurora-waters-2016There are an endless amount of courses out there, where you can learn how to draw in a certain way. I intensely dislike those courses… What is the actual point of drawing like someone else? The world doesn’t need more copies of what already exists – it needs YOU and what you have inside, waiting to be expressed in a way that only you can! You came here for a reason and that reason is to express your individuality. The world is made up of billions of different souls travelling through life on a spiritual journey, and together we make up the whole fabric. What one thread does has an impact on all the other threads, and the more we all express our own flavor, the more fascinating the whole fabric will be.


rowan-tree-sara-aurora-waters-2016But there is so much fear around expressing our personality. So many grow up being laughed at or humiliated, feeling that they aren’t good enough. When parents don’t feel that they are good enough there is no way they can teach their children to know how that feels. So every generation passes on its own limitations to its children, who then suffer a whole lifetime from low self-worth and low self-esteem.  But this doesn’t have to continue. This can end here and now.

By turning the focus inward, to what wants to be expressed, and to focus on the sheer joy of expressing, we can stop being governed by our fear and step beyond our limiting beliefs. Through connecting with that scared and sad Inner Child and through letting her express whatever is in her heart and on her mind, we can start to embrace our own inner voice and let it sing.

I so love watching people grow in their own eyes and fall in love with what’s inside of them! It is such a precious moment when I get to witness how they get empowered and start to see the beauty of what they are able to express, just by being themselves. That is pure joy.

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