When we are children we constantly keep playing. No one expects us to do anything else. We all are encouraged to draw and paint just for the fun of it. And then we start school and are taught that there is a certain way that we should draw. We learn that some people are artistic or “gifted” and others are not. We are told that there are rules for how to mix colours and that we should obey by these rules.

All the sudden it’s not fun anymore. Most pupils stop drawing outside of school, at least by the time they’re teenagers. How often do you see grownups drawing just for the fun of it? They hardly ever do it unless there is a child next to them, and they use the child as an excuse… “My grandchild likes to draw”…


For eons of time humans have expressed themselves through art. It is an innate need we have. People have adorned their bodies, their clothes, their homes (even when they lived in caves), but we so often forget about that and think that expressing through art is just for a chosen few. Yes – to be a professional artist is just for a chosen few, but to express creatively is part of our DNA and I’m convinced that when we stop expressing that inner longing, we die a little. And inside of us remains the little child we once were, and she weeps because no one wants to take her out to play.


The Inner Child is an actual person inside of us, that needs nurturing and play dates, just like any child. She needs to be listened to and comforted when she’s sad, and she needs to laugh and giggle and forget about the seriousness of adult life. She needs to go on adventures and explore life so she won’t wither and die inside of us.

It’s time to let our Inner Children come out and play and have a say about how we live our lives. It’s time to look for opportunities to do things just for the fun of it, and not for the use of it. It’s time to unlock our innate creativity and let it flow.


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