I see so much fear of change where ever I look. That fear is the real enemy – not something outside of us, but our own fear of what might happen if we step out of our comfort zone. This is all in our imagination. I’ll say that again. THIS IS ALL IN OUR IMAGINATION. We are the victims of our own imagination.

“The reason it’s so difficult [to change] is that the moment we no longer are thinking the same thoughts that lead to the same choices we immediately feel uncomfortable. We don’t feel like ourselves anymore.” (Dr.Joe Dispenza: “You are the placebo”)

So we need to start making our imagination work for us instead of working against us. We need to dream up our new reality and our new personality that goes with that reality. We need to paint a clear picture in our minds of how that will be, start to get familiar with how it will feel to be that person. The clearer the picture, the easier it will be to step into that future, because it won’t be an unknown any longer.

When we are obsessing about the outside world, that is what becomes our reality. When we let the outside world be more important than what goes on inside of us, it will be virtually impossible to change. We will be defined by other people’s expectations, other people’s view on life, other people’s fears. But when we begin to realize that the outside world is just a reflection of what goes on inside of us, we have to face the fact that as long as we let the outside world be more important than the inside world, nothing is going to change.

When we start spending at least as much time focusing on our inside world, through meditation and daydreaming, we can become the conscious ruler of our life, we will be in charge of what goes on in the outside world as well. We always create the outside world, but the trick is to do it consciously. The trick is to believe more in your idea about your future than in what goes on around you now. The trick is to be so convinced about the future that the Universe has to obey.

There are so many ways you can do this!

  • Start every morning by picturing your day the way you want it to be, before you open your eyes. Decide that that’s what’s going to happen. And be certain that it will.
  • Make a vision board with pictures or words in present tense. Put it where you see it every day. Think about how happy you will be when this is your reality!
  • Start a gratitude diary. Find five things to be grateful about every single day and write them down at the end of the day.
  • Take some time every day to meditate. Just sit still, close your eyes, and empty your mind. Nothing fancy. Just practising emptying your mind. It won’t happen the first time you try it, but over time you’ll get better and better at it. Just do it.
  • Write down the story of your future. Enjoy the amazing things you are going to manifest in the future NOW!
  • Stop watching the news and take time off from social media, so you get more important than other people.
  • Believe in your dreams no matter what!

Let me know in the comments what you do to manifest your dreams and change your reality!