So last week I wrote about the fear of change. This week I’m going to write about another biggy… – the fear of failure! It is so sad what this fear creates in our lives. It makes us play small and pretend like we’re not important, we don’t have anything special to say, what we do doesn’t matter – because if it does we might be criticized or ridiculed, someone might notice us and question what we’re saying or doing. We might be put on the stand, having to defend ourselves and our mistakes… But do we really have to defend ourselves? What if we just let people think what they want? What if we stop caring about their opinion…? So this comes down to whose opinion is more important. Why is your opinion less important than the person criticizing you?

As children our parents seem to know so much more than us, so we budge and we obey, even when we feel they’re wrong. This makes us question our senses and we start relying on the outside world more than our inner world. Time goes on, and we keep questioning our own feelings and opinions and trust that our parents, our bosses and our governments know better. We stop trusting our gut feeling, and the more we do, the more we violate our feelings. And the more we are able to do things that hurt us.

When we have stopped listening to our inner guidance, we look for outside guidance, but that just adds to the feeling of being lost. The answers can never be outside of us. There can never be something outside of us that fills the hole in our soul and the gap between the soul and the conscious mind.

We have to find the path that leads us back to our inner compass. We have to start talking to the inner child that once got lost in this mess. We have to spend time growing our inner world and listening to our heart. Go find what makes your heart sing. Go do the things that fill you with joy. That is the path forward, back to you.