Have you ever wondered if you’re good enough? Maybe even felt like a failure? That is so common that it even has a name – “imposter syndrome“. So why is this so common…? 

When we grow up most parents try to do a decent job raising us, but since so many of them lack self-worth, they push that onto us as well. They feel less than, so they don’t know how to make us feel good about ourselves. And when we  occasionally do feel good about ourselves, it makes them feel even more uncomfortable about themselves. 

It’s like a plague – you can’t avoid catching it if you’re born into a family that carries that gene. Well, it’s not exactly a gene, but it becomes part of our neuro-nets in our brains, managing our every thought. And if you’re red in the rainbow, red is the only thing you can’t see. So we all get blind to what’s going on, and we start to think that this is normal.

I am here to tell you that it’s not normal! It’s normal to love yourself and think of yourself as a miracle. It’s normal to be in awe of all that you can do. Have a look at a baby and this is what you’ll see! Before someone takes it out of them, they adore themselves. That’s what we should do too.

So how can we start doing that, if no one ever taught us how? We can heal what’s broken inside of us. We can start allowing ourselves to actually like ourselves. We can turn our focus inwards instead of constantly focusing on what other people think of us. When what’s inside of us gets more interesting, we’re getting closer…

I often come across women (and a few men) who dislike themselves. They think that there’s something profoundly wrong with them. But there’s really nothing wrong – they just lack self-worth. They perceive themselves as less than other people. The problem is that we can’t all be worse than each other, can we? 

 When someone says something nice about you next time, see if you can just receive that compliment without questioning it… What if it’s actually true? What if you’re the only one who can’t see your own value because you’ve been blinded?

It’s so sad to watch the profound effect the lack of self-worth has on people. It literally destroys our dreams! It really does make us blind to our own magnificence. And it makes us settle for a life which is less than what we want. We settle for habits that are less than what we want. And we settle for a job that is less than what we want. It makes us stop dreaming and we settle for a boring and insignificant life.

What would  you say to a child that felt less than? What would you tell yourself, if you could go back in time and meet yourself as a 5 year old? Would you say the things that you tell yourself on a daily basis, or would you say something different – something about how amazing and lovely and divine that child is? Would that child have to DO anything to earn your love, or would you love the child just for its mere existence?

I would love to support you to love yourself more and to grow your self-worth! Wednesday October 9th I am starting another healing group, where we will be focusing on healing anything that stands in the way of you being worthy of your own love. Come join me and be among other women like yourself. You are so worth it.

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