If you find it hard to play and feel that you have to work all the time, it’s a sign that your inner child is suffering, and that you were told early on that work was much more important than play.

Does it surprise you that play is as important…? That’s because you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that work is “better”. That is in fact a very masculine approach to life. A feminine approach is more in tune with Nature, which means there are different seasons, and breaks are as creative as the work itself.

To have a balanced life, you need both work and play! Play is a shortcut to imagination, which is connected to creativity and manifestation of ideas. The inner child can be a resource, but he/she won’t be working on your terms – you need to work on their terms!

We need to be less of human doings and much more of human beings… It’s like with breathing – we can’t just breathe in; we also need to breathe out. If there’s only work work work and no play, you will eventually break down.