Reasons why we hide from what we’re supposed to do…

If you are scared of being seen/putting yourself out there in the public eye, there could be all sorts of reasons to that. In my work I tend to work more and more with previous lifetimes, because what we’re experiencing in this lifetime is usually a repeat of what we’ve experienced before.

I want to give you some different examples of what might be lurking behind your visibility issues:- You might have been burnt (or drowned) for being a witch. This will create all sorts of problems, such as trauma from being killed/trauma from being killed for your knowledge/trauma from people cheering and shouting nasty things about you while you’re being killed.

This might result in you avoiding drawing attention to yourself/you avoiding using your knowledge/you might distrust your knowledge and ability to help or heal other people/you are likely to be very sensitive to people laughing at you or criticizing you (and attract those kinds of people to you).

This is also likely preventing you from fully stepping up as a lightworker and be known as such by your family/friends/the world. – You might have been ostracized for having leprosy.

This show up quite often in my sessions. People who had leprosy were not allowed into villages, and they lived in exile, in their own communities where everyone had the same experience of not being welcome into society. They used to hide under hoods so no one would see them, because they looked very scary, having lost different limbs, like fingers and maybe their nose.

Another thing that has been showing up a lot lately, is having been chased by another kind of human beings (like Neanderthals) in Stone Age. The clients who have experienced this were literally hiding under a stone to save themselves from being killed. If you feel that you want to hide under a stone, you now know what that is about…

It could also be a vow you’ve made. This was one of my blocks: I was a Native American Chief in a previous lifetime, and I was captured by the white men. Because of this, my tribe was wiped out. This was of course not my fault, but I took the blame for it. I was eventually killed and made a vow to never use my shamanic knowledge ever again. Every time I tried to show up on camera, I would freak out and burst into tears. I couldn’t understand what was wrong and why I was so hung up on my looks…

That wasn’t it, obviously! It was about me trying to break that old vow, and we take vows extremely seriously, so this was creating a huge conflict inside of me, but all I was aware of was how camera shy I was and had been my whole life.There are many more reasons that could affect your fear of visibility, but these are the most common ones.

Let me know if this resonates with you, and if you have any questions! This might seem tricky to change, but it really isn’t that difficult to heal.

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