Lack of Self-worth and the need for external validation are connected! When you grow up with parents who don’t know how to give you unconditional love, you will go for the next best thing – attention. And your parents will usually expect you to achieve things to get their attention, and they mostly have impossible demands.

These things program you into doubting yourself, not feeling proud of who you are, and make you into a high-achiever and a perfectionist.

With that kind of childhood, you get stuck in DOING and forget about BEING. You get difficulties relaxing and meditating, because you feel the urge to DO something all the time. This eventually leads to burnout.

What will heal this is to love yourself more.

Easier said than done, I know! But make it a habit to tell yourself that you love yourself every time you’re in front of a mirror. Look at yourself through the eyes of someone else and see how amazing you are and how far you’ve come.

Spend more time having fun and play, and less time working hard… Spend time with your inner child and flood her with all the love you’ve been missing…

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