Do you ever struggle with feeling good enough…?

So many people think that perfectionism has to do with how organised you or your home are, but that has very little to do with it. Perfectionism is fear of failure and criticism, and is what you develop when you grow up in a family where you don’t feel loved for who you are but for what you do.

Mostly it also includes having had crazy expectations from your parents, that were impossible to live up to, so now you’ve spent your whole life trying to fulfill them even though you sort of know it’s beyond reach…

When we have that sort of upbringing, we get stuck in DOING instead of BEING. We forget that we’re first and foremost human beings and not human doings.

‘We become high achievers, and we’re never good enough, no matter how hard we work. Eventually we burn out…

I come across this so often in my healing work! So many women who are working like crazy, day and night, and still never feel that it’s enough.

But you know what? I also see women heal from this and fall in love with themselves and their lives! Just by healing those subconscious beliefs that tell you you’re not good enough, you will have a completely different life. You will be able to see your own beauty and that you are enough – just as you are!

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