Meditation is the easiest AND the hardest way to change your life for the better…

So much of our time is often spent on keeping ourselves busy to avoid feeling our own feelings. To just sit in silence can then be very intimidating! Then there’s nowhere to run…

To learn to meditate takes time. I think this is another big reason why people give up. Just because your mind isn’t silent, doesn’t mean that you have failed. It just means that you need more practice.

Start small. Two minutes is enough, if you’re new to this! Then build it up – add another minute every week, until you’ve reached at least 15 minutes. The more, the better.

But the most important part is consistence. It’s more important to do it every day, than to do it longer.

What do you do, then?Just sit or lie down (I prefer to half-sit in my bed, before I get up), close your eyes, and be quiet. That’s it. When you have a thought, just let it go. It’s ok. The more you practise, the fewer thoughts you will have. Be patient.

Why do we do it? When we quiet our mind, the brain halves can start working in unison. We become whole. It’s a way to unstuck ourselves. We disconnect from the outer world, so that the Universe & our Higher Self can get to work. When we stop meddeling, miracles start to appear. So instead of keeping yourself busy and working your butt of, just relax, let go of control and allow things to unfold.

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