Pat yourself on the back! (or on the shoulder if you’re Swedish!)

How often do you criticise yourself on a regular day? How often do you say things like “I’m so stupid!”? Or ugly, weak, a misfit, not good enough, could have done it better…?

It’s time to start balance that up by telling yourself when you do something good! Just say “Well done!” and pat yourself on the back (in Sweden we pat someone’s shoulder instead of their back), and feel how good that feels!

It doesn’t have to be something big – just when you’ve ticked something off of your to-do-list that’s been there for a long time, for example. Even though it’s you saying it and patting yourself, it will really make you feel good!

We learn early on to look at ourselves from a perspective of criticism. We (and/or our parents) think that this is going to help us become better people. Nothing could be further from the truth!

It stops us from doing what we came here to do, and it makes us hide our light under a bushel. That robs humanity of our gifts! All it does is that it wears us down and keeps us stuck in hiding. Nothing good comes out of it.

From now on, catch yourself when you say/think something critical about yourself and ask yourself: “is this really true?”. And start telling yourself on a regular basis that you did well. This will change your life for ever!

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