Have you come across tapping? It is a great self-help tool that many use, but few know how it actually works!

As a kinesiologist I want to give you the physical explanation to tapping, which actually has nothing to do with woo woo.

When we tap on the meridian/acupuncture points, it stops the production of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisole, and starts the production of other hormones that make you calm.

When you do that while you think/talk about/focus on what triggers you, you get deteached to that subject, which means you won’t get triggered emotionally again.

The different points we tap on are connected to different organs in the body, which in turn are connected to different emotions.

For example, the point under the eye is connected to the stomach, which is connected to worry. The points under your collar bones (usually quite sore for most people!) are the kidney meridians, and the kidneys are connected to fear. The point on top of the head is a major switch point and is involved when you start mistaking left and right (a sign that you’re completely out of balance). So when we tap through all the different points, we will likely come across the one that applies to our current problem.

How has tapping helped you? Let me know in the comments!

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