In a group healing session a while ago something seemingly surprising turned up…

The group held a lot of subconscious, negative feelings toward Abundance! “I am angry at Abundance”, “I hate Abundance”, “I am disappointed in Abundance”, and so on…

No wonder that we don’t manifest Abundance in our lives when we have such hostile feelings toward it! You can muscle test and see if you’ve got this too…

So why do we not all love Abundance?

There can be so many reasons! There might be previous lifetimes where we were killed for money, or where we were sent to prison by rich people – hence, we connect wealth with something bad and we start rejecting it.

We might have tried to manifest Abundance and failed miserably, which makes us blame Abundance itself instead of what’s going on in our own subconscious mind.

What’s going on outside of us is ALWAYS a reflection of what’s going on inside of us!

When we don’t experience Abundance, we can be sure that there’s a belief ( – or many!) that stops us from attracting it. All that happens is logical when you see the whole picture.

If you don’t yet have the life you want – keep looking inside of you. There lies the answer. This doesn’t mean you should start blaming yourself – instead understand that your subconscious is trying to keep you safe, because it perceives what you want as a threat. And if you are tired of struggling on your own – please contact me and we’ll talk about how I can help!

How are you avoiding Abundance in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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