When we avoid things or do things that aren’t good for us (over-eating or any other kind of self-sabotage) it’s because there is something in our subconscious telling us to do that. We need to address that subconscious belief instead, and then things will resolve themselves.

When you have beliefs like “I hate myself” or “I deserve to be punished”, they need to be healed before you start on any diet, because those beliefs will sabotage any effort you make.

However, there are exceptions: exercising is about getting into a habit, and as long as it’s not a habit you will have to push yourself to start doing it regularly.

The same goes for meditation – in the beginning you will have to force yourself to do it, but soon enough it will be a habit and a need.

Spending time on social media can easily become an addiction, so you will have to push yourself into breaking that habit. There are apps that will tell you how much time you’ve spent on your phone during the day, that are great to use. Social media is about instant gratification, so everything else will take some effort.

A great way to ground yourself, get out of your head and away from social media is to get out in Nature. Go for a walk, do some gardening or just spend some time in communion with a tree.