When we use our mind to make decisions, we’re relying on only 5-10% of our capacity. In other words: we are neglecting 90-95% of our power and expect that to turn out well…

This is why logical decisions often have less than great results! When we try to reason about some important matter, we will miss so much of the subconscious information that we are being given.

When we instead use our intuition, we subconsciously take into consideration millions of data that we’re not aware of. Of course this will offer a better ground for decision making!

This is why we should trust the hunches we get, even if we don’t understand them and can’t find any logic reason for them. Our bodies are picking up on things that our mind can’t see.

Listen to your gut feeling – does it feel good or bad? When you get chills it’s a clear sign that you’re in the heart chakra or higher, which means this is a confirmation that what you are thinking/talking about is true/resonates with your Higher Self.

And you can of course also use muscle testing to make decisions – that way you’re tapping into your subconscious and your body’s intelligence.

Let me know about your experience of either ways to make important decisions in the comments!

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