To function properly, we need good sleep.

There are lots of reasons why you might be waking up at night or struggle to fall asleep, and there are lots that you can do about it!

Worry & stress will definitely keep you awake at night. Imagine having a magic bag, where you can put all your worries in over night, tie it together and put it on the floor next to your bed. The next morning you can pick it up if you want…

Your adrenal glands regenerate between 10pm and midnight. This is a really good reason to go to sleep before 10pm! It’s also usually easier to go to sleep between 9-10pm, than between 10pm and midnight. If we miss the “sleep train” at 10, the next usually isn’t until 1am. And in this stressful world we live in, the adrenal glands need all the support they can get!

If you’re in menopause, sleep can be complicated – this is usually related to having a clogged liver, especially if you wake up between 1-3am which is when the liver regenerates. Do a liver cleanse!

Magnesium has great impact on your sleep. Take Magnesium citrate 30 minutes before bed, double that amount of calcium in the morning + Vitamin D3.

Sleep is dependent on melatonin, so make sure you get enough light during the day, and then keep your bedroom as dark as possible. If it’s not dark you can use a blinder to block out the light. The dark will support melatonin production, and the light makes your body produce serotonin, and serotonin and melatonin interact with each other. Your gut bacteria is essential, because most of the serotonin is produced in your guts. Take some probiotics and eat more prebiotics, like sauerkraut (make sure it’s not cooked!).

Turn off all your screens an hour before bedtime. The light in them prevents the melatonin production, and the electromagnetic frequency keeps your brain active. This is also why you should ALWAYS keep your phone on flight mode in your bedroom! Otherwise you will not get any deep sleep.

An hour before bed, start to quiet your brain by doing some meditation (just sit quietly with your eyes closed) and read a good book that will take your mind off what happened during the day.

Put some lavender essential oil on some cotton wool or directly on your pillow. Lavender has a very calming effect.

Keep your bedroom a bit cold to enhance sleep.

If you keep waking up between 3-4 am, it might be the spirit world that is trying to connect with you, because this is the time when the outside world is the most quiet. Ask what they want! You can also tell them that you need your sleep and that they can contact you during daytime instead.

I love reading your comments! Let me know how your sleep is!

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