Hi, I am Sara Aurora, and I think it’s time that we reconsider our goals and dreams for this year and create a new, powerful Vision Board that is up to date! This is why I have decided to run a Summer version of my Vision Board Workshop this year.

For me personally it has been a very long first 6 months of this year, and maybe you feel like I do – that those goals that I put on my Vision Board in December are no longer the things that I want. I am itching to create a new map for the Universe to lead me to my dreams and I hope you do too!

Come join me for my new, exciting, FREE Vision Board Workshop where we’ll dive into our inner most dreams and desires.

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My aim for the rest of the year is that it should be absolutely mind-blowing for all of us! After this workshop you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when August comes around…

In this workshop I will:

  • take you step-by-step through how to make your own, powerful Visionboard that will help you manifest the life of your dreams!
  • guide you to listen to your own inner knowing when you pick your goals for the new year
  • help you embrace your own creativity and explain why it’s important that you draw your own pictures
  • show you how to infuse your visionboard with magic…
  • last but not least, I will help you get rid of some of your subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from having what you want!

There is so much research confirming that when you make plans and state what it is you want, it’s so much more likely to come true. This Visionboard Workshop will help you get clear on what you want and create a powerful anchor for your subconscious, so it can get to work on making your dreams happen!


There’s still time to make 2023 your best year yet!

I love being creative with my own visionboards, so that’s what we’re going to do! But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered: this is not about making art. It’s just about creating images that can program your mind every time you look at them. Stick figures work absolutely fine, as previous participants have found out! I am all about taking imperfect action and embracing your own creativity – your visionboard is for your eyes only.

And if you know the first thing about me, you know that healing work in the Quantum Field is so dear to my heart and a huge part of how I support people to become empowered. For this reason, I will include some group healing in the workshop, so there’s nothing stopping your dreams from manifesting!

And we will of course use some magic to help our dreams come true…

I can’t wait to see you in the workshop! And you know what? It’s all totally FREE!!

Here are all the facts:

  • The Workshop will happen on Monday July 17th at 7pm Swedish time. That’s 10 am PST/1pm EST/6pm UK.
  • The workshop will be 90 minutes. And yes, there will be a recording if you can’t be there live (I know some of you will be sleeping because you’re in Australia or New Zeeland!).
  • I would love to meet you live in the workshop, so that we can have a chat, and if you’re there live, you will have a say on what I should heal for you…
  •  The Visionboard Workshop is totally FREE!!
  • Put your name and email in the form and I’ll send you all the details!

Here’s what people are saying about some of my other courses:

Taking this course has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

I wanted to be more creative but I knew I needed support. Sara, and the group, gave me exactly what I needed. A safe space every week to show up and gentle encouragement to explore new things without any judgement.

I looked forward to the time every week and felt happy and relaxed after each session.

Morag Renfro

Pre-school teacher

I recently participated in Sara’s creativity course and it was life changing for me.  I recently retired from massage therapy after 20 years and I want to follow my dream of being a fiber artist. I was full of doubts about my ability to create on my own.

When I first signed up for the course, my expectations were to learn some new art techniques, but that’s not what happened,  I got so much more.  With Sara’s insight and healing,  my own self doubt was healed, I let go of past criticisms, and started to trust my own creativity.

My words seem so inadequate to describe how freeing it is to be healed of old emotional baggage, and the old judgements I had that I was not good enough.  New doors are opening for me, I’m trusting my own creativity and I can honestly say I love what I’m doing. I hope one day to be able to retake this class, and continue my healing path to acceptance and love of myself.

Thank you so much, Sara.

Keri Ferdinand Woodwick

Fiber Artist

I was raised by parents who expected only exceptional results, so perfectionism was the only way to be for me. The creativity course with Sara in which she combines her teaching skills with healing, helped me to change that way of being, taught me to have fun and to allow my creativity to flow with ease, joy and confidence.

More than 30 years of perfectionism healed in just 6 weeks! The best part? I now find myself enjoying my life more, smiling more, and my creative process has evolved to better serve my web design clients.

Mary Soco Ortiz

Web developer, MarySocoOrtiz.com

When I signed up for Sara Aurora’s 8 weeks of Creative Adventure, I told my husband I was taking an “art class”.

As it turned out, I did learn about the process of creating art, including how to slow down and enjoy different processes and options with pens and watercolors.

I learned the art of noticing my own thoughts, of accepting myself exactly where I am, of speaking my truth and feeling safe doing so, and of connecting with others across the nation and around the world with our shared experiences in our Creative Adventure sessions.

Sara Aurora generously shared her clear perspective, inquiring and compassionate nature, and infectious passion for creating, encouragement, and healing. During the eight weeks, I also learned the arts of trusting myself, of believing it is safe to share my creations, and of letting go of old stories about being a victim or needing to be a helper.

At the beginning of each session, we class members shared what was up for us that day. As I went to log in for our 8th week, I noticed my heart was lifted. When I shared that feeling, Sara Aurora reminded me that had been my intention I set our first day. So it was wonderful to not only participate but also to be seen and remembered for doing so!

I am a changed person in the best of ways for having taken these 8 weeks of our group’s creative adventure, and I look forward to discovering what else is possible for me!

Thanks, Sara Aurora!!

Rita A Durant

Dr. of Philosophy, Franklin Method Educator Level 1, Embodiment Writing Coach