Do you long to draw and paint?

But you’re too scared of what people might think?

Do you feel that you’re never good enough…?

Come join me for 6 amazing weeks, where I will guide you to have FUN and to PLAY!! 

Let’s explore what YOU want to express…

 I am an Intuitive Healer & a Creativity Coach, and I will guide you through some easy exercises to find your way back to playing. I will also use my intuition to tap into the subconscious limiting beliefs that the group has in common, and I will delete them, using my Quantum Express Healing™ technique. 

Every week the group will:

  • Meet for 90 minutes on Zoom
  • Paint & draw for 60 minutes
  • Get 30 minutes of powerful group healing for everything around perfectionism and fear of criticism in the end of every session

There’s also a private Facebook group, where you can post all your questions and your creative work. This is also where the recordings will be posted!

You don’t need any skill or experience!

You also don’t need any fancy equipment – a pen & paper is enough, but if you have some sticky pastel crayons or some water colours, that’s extra fun!

There is NO homework, because this isn’t a chore – the goal is for you to feel more joy, not more stress!

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to change!


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