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I know how daunting life can be. For a very long time I suffered from severe stage fright, and regardless of how much I longed to be on stage to sing and perform it was a complete nightmare every time I did.

I know what it’s like to hold yourself back from the things you love to do and how painful it can be to be locked in your own self-imposed prison. I know how it feels to diminish yourself so everybody will like you. I know what it costs to postpone your dreams and not doing the things you love and came here to do.


I ran into the wall really hard. And not just once but five (!!) times before I got the message… One day I realized that it was more painful to not do the things I loved than to expose myself to the stage fright. Since then my life has been very different. I started to take myself and my dreams seriously and putting them before everything else, like other people’s opinions. I started to challenge myself to do the very things I was scared of doing. And I ended up leaving the job that I had dreaded for so many years, to start working with clients all around the world, who want to heal their subconscious beliefs to have a better life.

Creativity came naturally to me, and I actually started crafting before I started talking, but I struggled for many, many years with an extremely low self-worth. I had a lot of confidence, but very little self-esteem. For many years I was bullied, both in school and later at work. Most of the time I felt inferior to other people, and it didn’t seem to help to constantly be reminded of how creative I was by other people, because I felt completely lost and sooo confused about what I was meant to do in life.

I ended up being a teacher for 20 years, even though that was the last thing I wanted to be! I love teaching and seeing people grow in their own eyes, but I was utterly miserable in the school system. I hated grading children, and I hated forcing them to learn things they weren’t interested in – I most of all wanted to play with them!

Parallel to my teaching job I studied a wide range of alternative medicine techniques, like kinesiology, theta-healing, Divine Healing Master Key and essential oils, in an attempt to heal myself and my self-worth. I never planned to work with clients, but the Universe had a different idea…

I started working with clients in my spare time, and for many years I tried to get out of teaching and get my business off the ground, but as long as I kept the backdoor to teaching jobs open, it seemed impossible.

But one day I was sacked from my teaching job, and it was one of my happiest days! I started working with clients all over the world, and absolutely love my job!!

 anI have done a lot of different things in my life… I have been a nude model in an art school, I have sung at concerts and funerals, I have been a piano teacher, a sewing teacher, a primary teacher, a secondary teacher, a teacher for immigrants and a private tutor in English as well as teaching people how to make jewellery.

I have done street performing, worked as an usher at a theater and made stage costumes for a one-wheel-cyclist. I have been a cleaner and I have been a nurse in an old people’s home. I have designed my own jewelleries and have made engagement and wedding rings for clients, and I have had a tailor shop where I designed and made wedding dresses and evening gowns. I have lived in 17 different places, renovated 4 houses, visited 20 countries and have had more than 30 different jobs.

All of these experiences have given me an understanding of other people, that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. But I also did all of those things because I was so confused about what I was meant to do and because I was born curious…

What makes my heart sing is watching people overcome their self-doubt and fall in love with themselves…

It took me 30 years of hard work to get to that point, and I really want to help you so you can get there faster! 

Together we will go on an adventure to discover YOU! 


I know how to help you get out of the crippling comfort zone and how to support a much grander version of YOU! You came here for a reason and now it’s time for you to shine. The world is waiting.





Black & white photos were taken by photographer Anders Jirås.

The 30 day Creative Flow program woke me up. I committed to art everyday and did it every day. I really surprised myself with my creativity and the quality of my creations. I kept an open mind and was transported out of my comfort zone. The online support was paramount in my completing the program. I was impressed enough to sign up for the 12 week program. The Find your Own Creative Flow 12 week program taught me different methods of recognizing my blocks and getting to the root of them, so I could move forward artistically.

What happened was unconsciously I began to believe in myself. I started to have original ideas and do something with them. I practiced with the tools and have been amazed at the results. The esteem building, self recognition aspects have been paramount in my communication style, especially with self talk, which has in turn affected all areas of my life.

I have worked with Sara Aurora for three years now..I appreciate her ” back to basics ” approach. As an adult I feel all grown up and hyper responsible. Getting back to the basics of creativity and play was paramount in my recovery from anxiety and depression. By allowing myself to think of ways to play and be creative in all areas of my life , has expanded my horizons and opened my heart toward self acceptance and freedom to express myself instead of bottling everything inside …everyone is happier..and healthier..

I feel like I have made some new friends including myself. You’ve got something amazing here, Sara Aurora.

Andria Pedlar, Canada

Artist & Creativity Coach,

I worked with Sara for a year and a half and my life was completely transformed. Not the kind of flashy superficial transformation but the deep foundational shift. I felt completely stuck and after working with her I was in a totally different place. I felt grounded, supported by myself, empowered, and I’ve been able to shift some really core issues and see impactful results.
Sometimes I just needed to talk and those conversations were invaluable because Sara listened carefully and then coached me beautifully, helping me shift my perspective and mental states into a more supportive, loving and efficient point of view.
I can say working with her has felt like a collaboration with a dear friend. She helped me feel safe and supported all while keeping my agency and autonomy.
On top of that her (many!) recommendations were paramount towards my transformation.
I strongly recommend working with her if you want to address big change. I’m forever grateful and I will always consider Sara a powerful collaborator with whom to work again in the future anytime I need a boost towards the next level.
Paula del Rivero

Contemporary Artist,