Art & Design

Here you find my photographic art, as well as fabrics and wallpaper. Scroll down to find the links to the different shops!

Fabrics & Wallpaper

Visit my shop at Spoonflower, where you can choose between more than 100 of my designs on fabrics & wallpaper. With the fabrics you can choose all sorts of different quality – ecological cotton or silk crèpe de chine, just to mention a few. All my designs are made by hand, using watercolors, pencil and pastel crayons. I love bold colors and patterns and many of my designs are suitable for interior design, but you can also use them for clothes making or anything else you would like!

Photographic Art

In this shop you will find my photographic art. I love taking photos of Nature – both animals and plants – and I like to get really close so I can communicate with their souls! There are a number of different postcards for sale in the shop, but you can also buy big posters to decorate your walls with.

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