Reclaim your self-esteem with simple, creative exercises!

Regardless of if you have your own business or a job, chances are that perfectionism is holding you back from shining. If you don’t shine, the world will miss out on your special gifts!

I know how hard it is to lack the self-esteem you need to step out of the shadow and shine! So often we hold ourselves back because of what happened to us a long time ago, when we grew up. All our lives we suffer from what was said to us when we were children, and no matter how old we get we still let that stop us because we don’t know how to break out of it.

But the good news is that we can change all of that! With a few easy steps, you can learn how to play again, and have fun while you express yourself. Let me show you how!

Sara’s creativity course was such a treat! It has completely changed the way I think about art and creativity.

Before the course I felt that you had to be “an artist” or have “talent” to be able to make art, which had always stopped me. The course helped me to drop these beliefs and connect with my own creativity.

I used to struggled with perfectionism especially around anything creative. That had made me reluctant for other people to see anything I had drawn etc, but after the course I realised I no longer cared because Sara had shown us it was all about fun and enjoyment and that is when the best art is made!

Helen Barnes

Intuitive healer

I know what’s it’s like to be rejected and I know what it’s like to be afraid to be rejected. All you want to do is run and hide under the covers and never risk being rejected again! But at the same time that is very painful and comes with a high price, because it means you have to hold back instead of doing that thing that you would love to do if you had the courage. It means that you have to sacrifice the life that you dream of.

But I am here to hold an unconditional space for you. I will challenge you but never judge you. I will support you and encourage you and never look down on anything you create. I will help you see the potential in you and guide you to how to embrace all of you and all of what you express. I will teach you how to love what’s inside of you waiting to come out and be embraced by you.

For 5 days I will guide you in this FREE e-course to start uncovering what’s still blocking you from having the creative life that you dream of! I invite you to join me on an adventure where you will start to blossom…

In this course you will

– learn to listen to your inner guidance

– learn to paint without thinking

– find out why you’re avoiding the things you want to do

– find out how to be less self-critical


What’s included?

– 5 creative assignments sent to you for five days 

– access to my fb group where you get to interact with me on a daily basis!

It’s time to reclaim your creative self-esteem! Join my FREE Art Journaling Course below and find out what’s blocking you from all the fun.

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I was raised by parents who expected only exceptional results, so perfectionism was the only way to be for me. The creativity course with Sara in which she combines her teaching skills with healing, helped me to change that way of being, taught me to have fun and to allow my creativity to flow with ease, joy and confidence.

More than 30 years of perfectionism healed in just 6 weeks! The best part? I now find myself enjoying my life more, smiling more, and my creative process has evolved to better serve my web design clients.

Mary Soco Ortiz

Web developer,

When I signed up for Sara Aurora’s 8 weeks of Creative Adventure, I told my husband I was taking an “art class”.

As it turned out, I did learn about the process of creating art, including how to slow down and enjoy different processes and options with pens and watercolors.

I learned the art of noticing my own thoughts, of accepting myself exactly where I am, of speaking my truth and feeling safe doing so, and of connecting with others across the nation and around the world with our shared experiences in our Creative Adventure sessions.

Sara Aurora generously shared her clear perspective, inquiring and compassionate nature, and infectious passion for creating, encouragement, and healing. During the eight weeks, I also learned the arts of trusting myself, of believing it is safe to share my creations, and of letting go of old stories about being a victim or needing to be a helper.

At the beginning of each session, we class members shared what was up for us that day. As I went to log in for our 8th week, I noticed my heart was lifted. When I shared that feeling, Sara Aurora reminded me that had been my intention I set our first day. So it was wonderful to not only participate but also to be seen and remembered for doing so!

I am a changed person in the best of ways for having taken these 8 weeks of our group’s creative adventure, and I look forward to discovering what else is possible for me!

Thanks, Sara Aurora!!

Rita A Durant

Dr. of Philosophy, Franklin Method Educator Level 1, Embodiment Writing Coach

In the middle of a few very hard weeks across several very hard months in a very hard year there were 8 weeks of Creativity with Sara.

It was a window of bliss where I let my inner child come out and play. It reminded me of the freedom and joy that comes from creating when you put all of those adult limitations aside and just make.

It was fun and magical and very freeing. Loved every minute of it.

Dhyana Colony Smith

Taking this course has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

I wanted to be more creative but I knew I needed support. Sara, and the group, gave me exactly what I needed. A safe space every week to show up and gentle encouragement to explore new things without any judgement.

I looked forward to the time every week and felt happy and relaxed after each session.

Morag Renfro

Pre-school teacher

I recently participated in Sara’s creativity course and it was life changing for me.  I recently retired from massage therapy after 20 years and I want to follow my dream of being a fiber artist. I was full of doubts about my ability to create on my own.

When I first signed up for the course, my expectations were to learn some new art techniques, but that’s not what happened,  I got so much more.  With Sara’s insight and healing,  my own self doubt was healed, I let go of past criticisms, and started to trust my own creativity.  

My words seem so inadequate to describe how freeing it is to be healed of old emotional baggage, and the old judgements I had that I was not good enough.  New doors are opening for me, I’m trusting my own creativity and I can honestly say I love what I’m doing. I hope one day to be able to retake this class, and continue my healing path to acceptance and love of myself.

Thank you so much, Sara.

Keri Ferdinand Woodwick

Fiber Artist