The Victim Triangle

Stuck in The Pretty Trap

Pushing yourself is mostly not the answer…

Doing versus being

Mind versus intuition

The Importance of Meditation

The importance of sleep

The meaning of Manifestation


Rejecting Abundance


How to strengthen your spiritual connection

The subconscious meaning of words

The importance of words

The importance of the words we use

The importance of words II

The fear of failure

The Fear of failure II

The need for external validation

Fear of being seen

Work is overrated…

How to handle burnout

How lack of Self-worth destroys our dreams

Why knitting is so important…

Selling out your dreams


Self-sabotage II

The fear of change

Giving other people permission to judge

The Inner Child is weeping

Healing the child within

Why are we holding ourselves back?

The pain of unexpressed creativity

The world doesn’t need more copies!

Allowed to express


Imagination is more important than knowledge

Is there a monster lurking in your wardrobe…?

Creating a safe space for you

Money money money…


How to detach from what’s going on in the world whilst having to live in it

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