We can’t all be artists but we can all be creative!

So many women I meet are stuck in searching for approval from other people.

The reason why this happens to so many bright, intelligent and gifted women, is that we grow up in an environment where we don’t feel loved for who we are, but for what we do.

That makes us into over-achievers, who struggle with imposter syndrome and burnout.

That makes us lose touch with our souls and our higher selves.

It makes us think that others know better, and that we’re not allowed to approve of ourselves.

What if creativity could help you manifest your dreams?

 Below you’ll find my courses & programs which will help you fall in love with your creativity!

Work with me 1-1

The New YOU

When you work with me privately, we explore what would make you happier! Whether it’s to heal your Self-worth, your money mindset, burnout, fear of failure, or not having enough fun in life, I’ll help you identify the cause and heal it through intuitive healing and coaching.

Self-study Courses

The Inner Child Course

The Inner Child Course is a 6 week self-paced course, where you get a new email every third day with new prompts!

In this course you learn how to communicate with your inner child and how to build a trusting relationship with your inner little one. Anybody can do this course and it’s very easy to follow. You will be guided every step of the way!

Boost Your Creativity 1

In this self-study course you will get 7 creative assignments that will boost your creativity in just two weeks!

Boost Your Creativity 2

This is the second part of Boost Your Creativity, where you will get 7 new, inspiring assignments that will strengthen your creative habits!

Paper Crafting 1

In this 2 week course you will get 7 creative assignments focused on using paper!

Bring out your scissors and a stack of paper and get crafty!

Group Programs

In the Money Group Healing course, we meet four weeks in a row to heal anything that’s blocking you and the other participants from having the money you want!

An 8-week Creative Adventure

Join me for 8 weeks of combined creativity & healing, to break through your perfectionism and fear of failure, so you can start having fun and feel good enough!

Are you ready to go deep and do some creative soul searching? This 5-month coaching program is for you if you want to get to know your own creativity and yourself on a deeper level, or you feel stuck by artistic blocks.

Create Your Magical Life Now!

In this year-long coaching program you get to explore yourself from all different angles, so you can find out what you really, really want and do more of that! You get support to break free from exhaustion and perfectionism and learn to listen to your intuition instead, so you can create a life you love.

Sara Aurora Waters is the mentor one dreams of. Signing up for her creativity course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me unleash my creative beast, she has helped me change my life, and live a life that is in more support of my dreams and true self.

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, U.S.

Dancer/Actor/Choreographer, www.hanna-lee.com

The 30 day Creative Flow program woke me up. I committed to art everyday and did it every day. I really surprised myself with my creativity and the quality of my creations. I kept an open mind and was transported out of my comfort zone. You’ve got something amazing here, Sara Aurora.

Andria Pedlar, Canada,

Artist & Creativity Coach, www.andriapedlar.com

I was raised by parents who expected only exceptional results, so perfectionism was the only way to be for me. The creativity course with Sara in which she combines her teaching skills with healing, helped me to change that way of being, taught me to have fun and to allow my creativity to flow with ease, joy and confidence.

More than 30 years of perfectionism healed in just 6 weeks! The best part? I now find myself enjoying my life more, smiling more, and my creative process has evolved to better serve my web design clients.

Mary Soco Ortiz

Web developer, MarySocoOrtiz.com

I recently participated in Sara’s creativity course and it was life changing for me.  I recently retired from massage therapy after 20 years and I want to follow my dream of being a fiber artist. I was full of doubts about my ability to create on my own.

When I first signed up for the course, my expectations were to learn some new art techniques, but that’s not what happened,  I got so much more.  With Sara’s insight and healing,  my own self doubt was healed, I let go of past criticisms, and started to trust my own creativity.

My words seem so inadequate to describe how freeing it is to be healed of old emotional baggage, and the old judgements I had that I was not good enough.  New doors are opening for me, I’m trusting my own creativity and I can honestly say I love what I’m doing. I hope one day to be able to retake this class, and continue my healing path to acceptance and love of myself.

Thank you so much, Sara.

Keri Ferdinand Woodwick

Fiber Artist

Taking this course has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

I wanted to be more creative but I knew I needed support. Sara, and the group, gave me exactly what I needed. A safe space every week to show up and gentle encouragement to explore new things without any judgement.

I looked forward to the time every week and felt happy and relaxed after each session.

Morag Renfro

Pre-school teacher

In the middle of a few very hard weeks across several very hard months in a very hard year there were 8 weeks of Creativity with Sara.

It was a window of bliss where I let my inner child come out and play. It reminded me of the freedom and joy that comes from creating when you put all of those adult limitations aside and just make.

It was fun and magical and very freeing. Loved every minute of it.

Dhyana Colony Smith

Sara’s creativity course was such a treat! It has completely changed the way I think about art and creativity.

Before the course I felt that you had to be “an artist” or have “talent” to be able to make art, which had always stopped me. The course helped me to drop these beliefs and connect with my own creativity.

I used to struggled with perfectionism especially around anything creative. That had made me reluctant for other people to see anything I had drawn etc, but after the course I realised I no longer cared because Sara had shown us it was all about fun and enjoyment and that is when the best art is made!

Helen Barnes

Intuitive healer