• Are you tired of thinking that you’re not good enough?

  • Tired of feeling like a failure & a fake?

  • Do you wish that you could enjoy being you and stop comparing yourself to others?

  • That you could relax and feel good about yourself NO MATTER WHAT?

In the Group Healing Program we meet on Zoom four times every month to heal any limiting beliefs that are held within the group. If you are part of the group, you will energetically influence what is healed. And you get access to the private fb group where all the recordings are posted and you can support each other in the group!

The healing is done intuitively, which means it’s impossible to know what will come up during the sessions on beforehand. I tap into the energy of the group when we are in the session, and everyone gets to muscle test if they have that belief – or if they lack some belief that would be beneficial to have. We delete whatever is blocking the group and we install new, supportive beliefs instead! After the actual healing we muscle test again to see that the beliefs have changed.

We will be healing all sorts of things in the program – anything that is blocking the group from enjoying life fully! It doesn’t really matter if you attend the sessions live or just watch the replay – many participants have testified that there’s no difference and that they had equal amount of change through watching the recordings. 

You can join at any point in the month, but if you join late it means that you will be be watching the replays. You pay for each month separately. I’m really excited to have you in the program!! Your life is about to change… 

Having just done the money group I am sad I can’t do the self worth group this time as it was a fab experience! Definitely next time! If you’re thinking of doing the groups, go for it. It was a great 4 sessions. The money healing group really helped me change how I view rich people – my anger and resentment towards them has reduced. It helped me see things in a different way and to begin to heal my negative and limiting behaviours and beliefs around money. Sara’s healing is powerful stuff! It was also great to be in a group where we could talk and support each other and it’s also good to know people have the same thoughts – we’re not alone. I have spent my life spending all money the minute I got it whatever the amount, it would fly out faster than it came in and now I am actually thinking how I can save. I have travel plans and am actually working out savings plans whereas before I would be more dreaming than planning. On my up coming trip I will be taking cash rather than risking overspending money I don’t have. Powerful shifts!! Thank you Sara

Sara Lyndley

I can highly recommend the money group. The healing was powerful and we got many exercises that made a difference. I have developed in so many ways, it is hard to pinpoint something. But my overall thinking about money is that it doesn’t have me in a grip by the throat and it doesn’t rule me anymore. I feel free.
I don’t feel the urge to shop immediately the second after I get my salary! I don’t feel the need to shop at all. I have opened a savings account in another bank, so that it’s harder for me to just transfer money as soon as I want to buy anything. Lots of small things and healing of beliefs makes a huge difference.

Ulrika Dragén

I’ve just done the money course and it was fantastic. By the end of this month I will have paid off my credit cards. I’ve got so many new tools for managing my money and my fear and guilt associated with dealing with money, bills etc is so much better! I’m going to do a second round again soon.

Helen Barnes

For anyone thinking about doing the money group – I have just completed it and this is some of what has changed: I am happy to say that when I closed off July after spending the last two weeks writing down expenditures that I have reduced my spending. Moreso I feel like I have such a lot more respect for money. I feel that has come from using cash and by seeing the money exchange hands, it prompts a sense of gratitude for being able to pay for what it is I am purchasing. And Im not twiddling my thumbs wondering if my card will accept the transaction or not because I am not using it 🙂 there are still some blocks to clear and I have every bit of faith that it will happen! I feel more open to receiving it which is making life exciting! Thanks to everyone in the group. It had such a nice energy about it which made it feel so inclusive. Thank you so much Sara and I wish everyone in the August group every bit of success! It’s a course that is well worth investing in yourself to do :)”

Jo Davey

I participated in a Self Worth healing group that had people from all parts of world, and it was amazing how the group had similar issues and Sara was able to dig down and pin point the root cause to bring healing to me and the others in the group. Even though I was able to attend only 2 of the 4 events on live chat I feel I got the same benefits from watching the replays. All though several time zones separate us, Sara is very accommodating and works hard to find times that work for everyone. Many Thanks Sara for all the healing so far and I look forward to participating in some more healing groups.

Keri Ferdinand Woodwick

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