We can’t all be artists but we can all be creative!

 So many women I meet are stuck in searching for approval from other people.

The reason why this happens to so many bright, intelligent and gifted women, is that we grow up in an environment where we don’t feel loved for who we are, but for what we do.

That makes us into over-achievers, who struggle with imposter syndrome and burnout.

That makes us lose touch with our souls and our higher selves.

It makes us think that others know better, and that we’re not allowed to approve of ourselves.

What if creativity could heal you

and help you manifest your dreams?

 Below you’ll find my courses & programs which will help you fall in love with yourself, your creativity, your life & your business!

Create Your Magical Life Now!

In this year-long coaching program you get to explore yourself from all different angles, so you can find out what you really, really want and do more of that!

You get support to break free from exhaustion and perfectionism and learn to listen to your intuition instead, so you can create a life you love.

Let Your Biz Flow!

This course is for you if you are struggling to charge for you work!

So many women shy away from the money conversations, discount their offers too much and don’t get paid enough for their amazing gifts to the world.

This course helps you change that!

You learn how to price your offers and why you should put your fees up – both for your sake and for your clients’.

An 8-week Creative Adventure

Learn how to have fun with expressing your creativity 

– while healing your perfectionism & your fears of criticism!

Join me for 8 weeks of combined creativity & healing, to break through your perfectionism and fear of failure, so you can start having fun and feel good enough!

Discover Your Creativity

Are you ready to go deep and do some creative soul searching?

This 5-month coaching program is for you if you want to get to know your own creativity and yourself on a deeper level, or you feel stuck by artistic blocks.

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