• Learn how to re-connect with the part of you that might be holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.
  • Heal your childhood wounds through exploring your creativity.
  • Spend time journaling & being creative together with your Inner Child.
  • During 6 weeks you will get an email every third day, with prompts and exercises to do with your Inner Child
  • No artistic experience needed – all you need is 30 minutes per exercise, a pen, some sheets of paper and a few crafty items of your choice!


What’s included?

14 creative assignments – one assignment sent by email every third day for six weeks.

Once you have received the assignments, you can use them as many times as you want! Whenever you feel the need, you can come back to any of the assignments to dive deeper.


The Inner Child Course, 6 week self-study course

$47 (Charged in SEK)



I’m so looking forward to guiding you through this course!

Sara Aurora Waters, Creativity Coach & Intuitive Healer

Sara Aurora Waters is the mentor one dreams of. Signing up for her creativity course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me unleash my creative beast, she has helped me change my life, and live a life that is in more support of my dreams and true self.

Sara Aurora will stand by your side and support the greatest version of yourself to shine through. She is intuitive, wise and not afraid to confront you with the truth. She really sees through you and your process, and with a gentle yet powerful hand, she guides you though a magical journey of self discovery and pure FUN.

Since joining the course I have been incredibly creative, I have learned to approve of myself first and not seek approval from others to give me permission to create or validate my existence. I have found a new joy in creating, and with the help of Sara Aurora, discovered so many new ways of expressing myself artistically. I feel more free and confident in my creative process, and I enjoy the process so much more. Sara Aurora is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you sign up for one of her courses, be prepared for a wildly magical and fun ride. Be prepared to uncover, discover and let go. Be prepared to go deep and see your life change from the inside out. The transformation is REAL. The inspiration is palpable! Give yourself that gift you know you deserve and join in the fun!!

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, U.S.

Dancer/Actor/Choreographer , www.hanna-lee.com