Financial power for spiritual entrepreneurs who are shy about money

– How to clear your fears and increase your fees in 8 weeks!


Are you shy about money?

Do you get nervous when you have to talk to clients about your fees?

 Are you giving discounts even though you know you shouldn’t?

Do you charge less than you’re worth?



– Then Let Your Biz Flow is for you!

Are you struggling with pricing your products and services?


I will help you to find out why you are shying away from the money talk!

You will also discover what the real reason is that you get nervous around money.

In this course you will get a new class every week, which will help you uncover your hidden money blocks, so you can start charging what you’re worth!



In only 8 weeks you will
  • grow your money muscles
  • realize your own worth
  • and get paid what makes you happy!


After this course you will
  • know exactly what your fees should be 
  • understand why you need to increase your prices 
  • be confident enough to tell people about your fees and be proud of them!
The course will help you to up your game, believe in yourself as a business owner (not just as a manager of a very expensive hobby…) and to be clear about what to focus on.

Finally! Finally someone who gets me, understands me and talks to me in such a way that it sticks. Thanks to clear exercises and modules that are talking my language as a creative thinker, I am now finally moving forward to having a healthy relationship with money – and more importantly myself.

Abby Wilkes, U.K.


I started my first business 35 years ago and have done a lot of trial-and-error to get to where I am today.

In 2013 I increased my turnover with 900% compared to the year before while still working as a teacher…

5 years later I got sacked from my teaching job, and the following year I trippled my revenue.

Then I doubled that in 2020, which means I started making $50K/year just doing what I love,

so if you think you have to do something you don’t like to support yourself, you’re wrong!





I have had all the money blocks you could imagine and have done a ton of work on my own money mindset through tapping, healing, coaching, soul art – you name it!

I have gone from having $100,000 to owing $200,000, and then back to having $100,000…

But the good news is that you won’t have to do all of that when you take this course!

I know how important it is to have a love relationship with Money to have the business and success that you want, and I will show you how to get that!

I took the Let Your Biz Flow class from Sara Aurora Waters and uncovered so many hidden blockages in my life. Through the coursework, I realized I had so many fears holding me back from living the life I dream of.

This course teaches you how to truly face the ways you’re self-sabotaging. I am an e-course junkie and usually take classes for the community, but this class taught me valuable lessons within myself. It’s a great class and I truly think that anyone could benefit from it.

Sara Aurora Waters is a great teacher and coach. She’s very understanding and accommodating of her students. I’m able to walk away from this class with a free sense of being. To face those deep-rooted feelings, take charge of my life, and say yes to abundance.

Jody Kristina, U.S.

Intuitive Leadership Coach,

In this e-program you will get 8 modules where you

learn EXACTLY how to feel safe around money, including:


  • Weekly assignments to help you release your money blocks once and for all
  • Mind maps and checklists as downloadable PDFs
  • A video with amazing facts about your brain
  • A meditation as a downloadable mp3 for you to listen to again and again
  • A money diary that will change your relationship with money
  • A budget that will help you get clear on what you want and receive it


Week 1

How to get a clear intention & lay a solid foundation for success

The first week we will be working on your intention for the course and plan for a successful outcome! You will be guided to find your most important reason to change your money mindset.


Week 2

Find out exactly what is holding you back & get to know your financial legacy

The second week you will dig deep into your financial luggage and find out what is holding you back, both when it comes to money and to success!


Week 3

Find out about your personal style of sabotage & how to deal with ulps (and what they are…)

Even when we think we want something very much, we have a tendency to sabotage ourselves! The third week we will uncover your own ways of sabotaging your finances and success.


Week 4

How to manipulate your brain in a nice way & how to have a love relationship with money

There are so many fears connected to money! The fourth week is all about understanding why you are afraid and what you can do about it. When fear no longer rules your life, you can start to have a happy relationship with money!


Week 5

Clear out the rubbish that stands in your way & learn how to get to know your wallet

Week 5 is about the walls that we tend to build around our lives, to prevent money and success from coming in! You will be guided on how to clear the obstacles physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, so the energy can start to flow.


Week 6

Stop guessing what your clients are willing to pay & learn why they benefit from higher fees

Do you spend time thinking about what your clients and customers are willing to pay? In week six you will get a new perspective and learn a different approach, that will help you charge what you are worth instead!


Week 7

How to change your behavior around money & use spiritual tools to attract more

When you have cleared the obstacles to flow, you need to have ways to invite the things you want into your life! In week seven you will get the tools you need.


Week 8

Learn why you should hire a cleaner & and what you really should be doing in your business!

Are you clear on what you should be doing in your business? Do you try to “save” money by doing everything yourself? In week eight you will understand exactly why you might be blocking your money flow by not spending money on certain things in your life and business!


As a busy mum and business woman I want information I can easily apply in my real life, and I want that information given to me in a clear, no fuss style so that I can get on with applying it in my own life. Sara Aurora’s teaching style does exactly that.

This course is packed with great exercises and advice to get you in the right mindset for moving your business to a level you want and getting to grips with those niggling money issues we have in our businesses.

Thank you Sara Aurora. I can confirm I’m now in a happy and loving relationship with money. I now have a money friend instead of a money monster.

Wendy Tomlinson, U.K.

Life & Business Coach,

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Thank you Sara Aurora – I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with you! You have given me the tools for removing my money blocks in a gentle yet insistent way.

Toni Dearle, Australia

Tour organizer, Pemberton Discovery Tours