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Young Living Essential Oils

Do you also love essential oils? I am forever grateful to Young Living’s oils, because they have been a huge part of my recovery from Lyme’s disease! I love so many of them, but some of my absolute favorites are Lavender, Abundance, Transformation and Inner Child. Check out them all here:

 Young Living Essential Oils


Have you ever tried tapping/EFT? It’s a great self-help tool that I really like, and it’s a great complement to doing healing sessions with me! One of my favorite tapping instructors is Carol Look. Carol is an author, a business coach, a Founding EFT Master, and an international workshop leader. She also has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and was designated an EFT Master by EFT Tapping Creator, Gary Craig, so she really knows what she’s talking about, and I love her courses! I have done a lot of both self-study and live courses with Carol and always enjoyed them very much, and I always see a big difference after taking a course with her! Carol is a lovely person who really cares about people seeing results, and she’s very to the point.

Click Carol’s image, and you’ll be taken to her store where you can find many, many wonderful courses with her!

Invest in trees and become carbondioxide neutral!

Every time you invest in trees with Better Globe, you make this world a little bit better! When you subscribe to a Sponsor package, you contribute with the following:

  • You stop the desert from spreading.
  • You save the rainforest, because the trees that Better Globe plants are hardwood trees and can be used instead of jacaranda and teak.
  • You give  €2.5 to microloans to women in the area.
  • You give €2.5 to schools and the organisation Child Africa.
  • You give 2 trees to the local farmers.
  • You become carbondioxide neutral.
  • You help eliminate extreme poverty in the area.
  • You support local water projects.
  • And you get shares worth 2 trees.

This is a great investment AND a wonderful way to change the world!

Click HERE to find out more!


The EMF card

Developed by Dr. Drew Karp, DC, FIAMA
The Global Energy Card is a non-toxic, body friendly, color encoded and effective device to assist people in the much needed area of counteracting the negative effects of low level radiation from smart phones and computers.

One card is 20 USD + shipping.

10 cards are 150 USD + shipping.

To order, please send an email to

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Buy my children’s book, “The life and whereabouts of Mr. Poppyloppy”!

If you click the image, you will be taken to Amazon where you can order the English version.

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of the first, bilingual edition (Swedish/English) with hard covers, please send an email to

A signed copy is 30USD including shipping worldwide.

The Queen of Creativity

Coming soon!

Soon I will open up my webshop where you will be able to buy creative materials, creativity kits & some of my own art!