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I worked with Sara for a year and a half and my life was completely transformed. Not the kind of flashy superficial transformation but the deep foundational shift. I felt completely stuck and after working with her I was in a totally different place. I felt grounded, supported by myself, empowered, and I’ve been able to shift some really core issues and see impactful results.
Sometimes I just needed to talk and those conversations were invaluable because Sara listened carefully and then coached me beautifully, helping me shift my perspective and mental states into a more supportive, loving and efficient point of view.
I can say working with her has felt like a collaboration with a dear friend. She helped me feel safe and supported all while keeping my agency and autonomy.
On top of that her (many!) recommendations were paramount towards my transformation.
I strongly recommend working with her if you want to address big change. I’m forever grateful and I will always consider Sara a powerful collaborator with whom to work again in the future anytime I need a boost towards the next level.
Paula del Rivero

Contemporary Artist,

I’ve been working with Sara for six months now, and I’ve seen amazing changes and had incredible realizations already halfway through her year-long program.

Her intuition is always spot on, giving her the ability to help much faster than traditional counselling. Her healing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I end each session full of hope and calm. I’m happier and more confident in my self-worth every day because of our work together. I enjoy the variety of her advice and techniques, from art therapy and reading material, to thought-provoking questions and healing. My soul is alive and I’m learning more about my soul purpose and how to create my own happiness each day.

Laurel Chase

Fiction Author,

I am truly happy to have spent this time working with Sara, exploring and healing blocks and emotions I could not otherwise explain.

Our Tuesday appointment was my favorite time of the week! I gained a ton of new understanding, and even started discovering a sixth sense of my own, which I hadn’t known existed!

I am glad to report that I am now much calmer, far more at peace with myself and my family, and less prone to constant overthinking of everything I do or feel. My perfectionism is more under control, and I am feeling so hopeful for the future!

Thank you Sara!

Dr. Susanna Kemper


Sara is an amazing healer. I worked with her for three months and it was worth every penny.

Sara is gentle yet assertive. She genuinely cares about you and she wants you to grow and heal in your own specific way. Her presence is very empowering. While working with her, she helped me heal several past life traumas, my pollen allergy (yay!!) and childhood trauma. And much more. 

Healing comes from within me and Sara supports the process of growing my confidence and ability to heal myself. If you have an opportunity to work with her – do it.

Astrid Teigaas

Negotiation Coach,

Sara Aurora Waters is the mentor one dreams of. Signing up for her creativity course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has she helped me unleash my creative beast, she has helped me change my life, and live a life that is in more support of my dreams and true self.

Sara will stand by your side and support the greatest version of yourself to shine through. She is intuitive, wise and not afraid to confront you with the truth. She really sees through you and your process, and with a gentle yet powerful hand, she guides you through a magical journey of self discovery and pure FUN.

Since joining the course I have been incredibly creative, I have learned to approve of myself first and not seek approval from others to give me permission to create or validate my existence. I have found a new joy in creating, and with the help of Sara Aurora, discovered so many new ways of expressing myself artistically.

I feel more free and confident in my creative process, and I enjoy the process so much more. Sara is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you sign up for one of her courses, be prepared for a wildly magical and fun ride. Be prepared to uncover, discover and let go. Be prepared to go deep and see your life change from the inside out. The transformation is REAL. The inspiration is palpable! Give yourself that gift you know you deserve and join in the fun!!

Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, U.S.


I had a healing with the lovely Sara Aurora Waters yesterday. I can’t really describe it accurately, but I felt so much lighter afterwards … and happy. She was able to delete a lot of my traumas and negative thought forms and re-program learned behaviors that were holding me back.

Just having her walk me through her process, lots of things were brought to light in a way that really turned on multiple light bulbs for me. After recognizing all of it, I was able to forgive, release and let go.

At the end of the session, she took me back as a child in my mother’s womb and sent me unconditional love and I don’t know what it was about that moment, but I obviously needed it. I highly suggest her.

Angie Whitsel, U.S.

Working with Sara is like working with a miracle worker. She deletes traumas from past experiences (and if you’re open to it, previous lifetimes) so you can live your life to the fullest. I had a full-time job that was stressful, unfulfilling, and I dealt with a lot of burn-out because of it. It didn’t feel like I was in control of my life. It felt like I was stuck in my situation with no way out.

In my first session with Sara, I mentioned I wanted to find a job that makes me happy. She began working on finding the deeper issues through a series of questions then deleting the traumas. I discovered some interesting things about myself in each session that helped shed light onto current fears and insecurities. In less than 3 months I found a new job and quit the job that was burning me out. My new job fulfills my passions and exceeds my expectations of how employees should be treated – they’re so kind-hearted!

After each session I felt lighter and freer. Like I am the one writing my own life story and I am in control of it. One of the sessions left me feeling extremely calm to the point that I could literally do just one task at a time without a million other thoughts/to-do’s filling my head.

My self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love is real now. I know I can manifest positivity into my life and ACTUALLY DO IT! I highly recommend Sara, she is truly amazing.

Leea Freedman, U.S.

Small Business Owner, Just Julie, LLC

I was raised by parents who expected only exceptional results, so perfectionism was the only way to be for me. The creativity course with Sara in which she combines her teaching skills with healing, helped me to change that way of being, taught me to have fun and to allow my creativity to flow with ease, joy and confidence.

More than 30 years of perfectionism healed in just 6 weeks! The best part? I now find myself enjoying my life more, smiling more, and my creative process has evolved to better serve my web design clients.

Mary Soco Ortiz

Web developer,

I came to Sara 6 months ago full of stress and exhausted. We worked through some obvious issues, as well as traumas and beliefs I didn’t even realize I had. I now feel less stressed out, and have been able to make rest a priority while also running a business. I highly recommend Sara and her talents!

Amanda Nowak

Owner & Designer,

When I signed up for Sara Aurora’s 8 weeks of Creative Adventure, I told my husband I was taking an “art class”.

As it turned out, I did learn about the process of creating art, including how to slow down and enjoy different processes and options with pens and watercolors.

I learned the art of noticing my own thoughts, of accepting myself exactly where I am, of speaking my truth and feeling safe doing so, and of connecting with others across the nation and around the world with our shared experiences in our Creative Adventure sessions.

Sara Aurora generously shared her clear perspective, inquiring and compassionate nature, and infectious passion for creating, encouragement, and healing. During the eight weeks, I also learned the arts of trusting myself, of believing it is safe to share my creations, and of letting go of old stories about being a victim or needing to be a helper.

At the beginning of each session, we class members shared what was up for us that day. As I went to log in for our 8th week, I noticed my heart was lifted. When I shared that feeling, Sara Aurora reminded me that had been my intention I set our first day. So it was wonderful to not only participate but also to be seen and remembered for doing so!

I am a changed person in the best of ways for having taken these 8 weeks of our group’s creative adventure, and I look forward to discovering what else is possible for me!

Thanks, Sara Aurora!!

Rita A Durant

Dr. of Philosophy, Franklin Method Educator Level 1, Embodiment Writing Coach

I started working with Sara because I was feeling stuck and uninspired in my business. I realized there was something deeper going on, but despite working with other modalities, I hadn’t been able to release the heaviness or many of the blocks that I was experiencing.

Our weekly sessions quickly became the highlight of my week.  we would work through some significant and deeply rooted  blocks but I quickly learned that this work would be done with love, light, ease and often humor.  I truly appreciate how Sara creates a space where long held blocks, fears and resentments can be dissolved and released without having to relive the pain and anxiety that often comes along with them.  

My work with Sara helped me clarify and actually take the action steps I chose to take. This work helped create a total pivot in my business.  Sara helped awaken me to my true calling of working within the realms of healing and light and love.  Our sessions also reminded me that I am here, in this place and time, to experience more: more joy, more abundance, more healing, more love, more ease, more fun, more success, more creativity.

Jodie Howard

Usui Reiki Master, Light Weaver, Intuitive Energy Healer,

Thank you so much, Sara!!

I am so impressed by your skills, and so grateful for your remote healing! I immediately felt better and still do. My energy and power came back after we had talked through some heavy experiences in my life, which seem to have affected me more than I thought. It was also helpful to cut some cords! After the healing I felt lightness in my mind and in my heart. It felt like I was free! Nothing else had changed, but it still felt very different. More people should know about this amazing possibility to feel better!

Thanks again, Helena

Helena N Olofsson, Sweden


Working with Sara has reduced my fears about many things, including being seen online for my business and allowing in money. I was so tired of being stuck in fear for so long! After working with Sara I’m excited to help other women embrace their joy and live from their deepest selves. Fear is still there, but it no longer holds me back from being what I know I am meant to be and do.

Darlene Cary, U.S.

Life Coach

”I was both curious and skeptical to healing before I met Sara. I have been to different therapists a lot in my life but never gotten really in to my body. I mostly lived in my head. 

After the first sessions I felt that this really changed things in me, for real. And even though I don’t understand how it works, it really does. 

Sara is a wonderful, wise person. She understands and she suggests things to reflect upon and to try. 

The healing has evolved me and I feel like more and more my true self shines through. We have cleared so many beliefs. Sometimes they feel a little silly, but it is just to trust Sara’s intuition and float with it. 

I am so happy that I found Sara. 

Ulrika Dragén

IT specialist

I had a healing session with Sara Aurora Waters yesterday. I would highly recommend this to anyone. My feedback was that I felt very relaxed after the session. I had a headache so drank a pint of water and slept for an hour. I felt so much lighter inside instantly.

Instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours trying to get to sleep I lay very calm for about 10 mins and slept 12 hrs!! I’ve slept an hour on and off for last 2 weeks!! The pain is now minimal and oh I don’t think I’m dreaming! 24 hours on I feel so much less anxious and really motivated. Happy to chat to anyone about this and highly recommend Sara Aurora Waters. 

Sair Ching, Canada

I have had the great luck of working with Sara for the last three months. She really is committed to empowering people. In our sessions we have especially focused on my limiting beliefs around money, and receiving. The healing method she uses is gentle, easy and liberating. Sara has a gift for listening, and hearing what’s really going on underneath all the story and drama.

She has guided me from being tentative about selling my programs to now feeling confident, and in action. I am clear that with each session a new space gets created that enables me to step into my power. Thank you SO much Sara for your passion, commitment, and for always seeing what’s possible!

Alison H. LeBrun, U.S.

Personal Coach & Body Talk Practitioner,

I began working with Sara as I had been feeling lost in my career for some time and wanted to discover what my soul purpose in life was so I could pursue it. Sara helped me to uncover many things that were blocking me from finding my way and also helped to heal a lot of seemingly unrelated things that were generally holding me back. Sara is extremely professional in her approach and having worked with Sara for just a few months I am feeling more healthy, well and happy than I have done in years.

Whilst working with Sara it became apparent that I had an interest and abilities as a healer myself. This led to me taking a healing course with Sara which was a fantastic and very profound experience. The course was brilliantly structured and extremely effective and boosted my confidence in my healing abilities tremendously, whilst leaving me with an amazing skillset and “toolkit” as a healer.

Helen Barnes, U.K.

Certified Healer

The 30 day Creative Flow program woke me up. I committed to art everyday and did it every day. I really surprised myself with my creativity and the quality of my creations. I kept an open mind and was transported out of my comfort zone. The online support was paramount in my completing the program. I was impressed enough to sign up for the 12 week program. The Find your Own Creative Flow 12 week program taught me different methods of recognizing my blocks and getting to the root of them, so I could move forward artistically.

What happened was unconsciously I began to believe in myself. I started to have original ideas and do something with them. I practiced with the tools and have been amazed at the results. The esteem building, self recognition aspects have been paramount in my communication style, especially with self talk, which has in turn affected all areas of my life.

I have worked with Sara for three years now. I appreciate her ” back to basics ” approach. As an adult I feel all grown up and hyper responsible. Getting back to the basics of creativity and play was paramount in my recovery from anxiety and depression. By allowing myself to think of ways to play and be creative in all areas of my life , has expanded my horizons and opened my heart toward self acceptance and freedom to express myself instead of bottling everything inside …everyone is happier..and healthier..

I feel like I have made some new friends including myself. You’ve got something amazing here, Sara.

Andria Pedlar, Canada

Artist & Creativity Coach,

I live in the northwest United States and started following Sara on Facebook. Earlier this year I did 5 private healing sessions with Sara and was so impressed by her intuition to find the root cause of some of my issues. I experienced feelings of being lighter, freer, and more self confident when the issues were healed and resolved.

I also participated in a Self Worth healing group that had people from all parts of world, and it was amazing how the group had similar issues and Sara was able to dig down and pin point the root cause to bring healing to me and the others in the group. Even though I was able to attend only 2 of the 4 events on live chat I feel I got the same benefits from watching the replays. All though several time zones separate us, Sara is very accommodating and works hard to find times that work for everyone.

Many Thanks Sara for all the healing so far and I look forward to participating in some more healing groups.

Keri Ferdinand Woodwick, U.S.

Textile Artist

Before I came to see Sara for a healing the illness had taken all my power away. both physically and mentally. I no longer had the will to live and I felt a lot of guilt, anxiety and fear. Those feelings were preventing me from fighting the anorexia and from wanting to live. Even the same day that I had been to see Sara my power was back. The things that had stopped me were gone and I wanted to live again. My life force was back. I started to eat the very same evening.

I have also done painting with Sara. It was fun to paint and I learned a lot about myself that I hadn’t thought about before. My intention for the day was to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t done because of my fear of failure. It was fun, but also a bit scary to watch how much the painting resembled me – not the way I look but how I feel. The painting told me a lot about myself that I didn’t know, but that I felt was true.

Sofie Lettevall, Sweden


When I got my first healing three years ago I had been in constant pain for 25 years. The same evening when I was watching TV and tried to take off my glasses I discovered that I wasn’t wearing them! The next morning I woke up and was pain-free for the first time in 25 years.

I am still pain-free, have since the first healing felt an amazing inner peace and happiness, dare to trust people and feel a calmness that I’ve actually never felt before, not even as a child. I look on the bright side for the future and am open to everything that is good and positive. I dare to believe in love and trust a man, which was hard for me before I came to see you the first time.

Today I feel complete harmony and am a certified healer myself. Thanks, Sara!

Brittmarie Hall, Sweden

Certified Healer

Sara, thank you for offering this course and holding this space for us. I enjoyed it and had some great insights. Even though I had to stop for quite some time it was easy to find my way back into this adventure.

Thank you for your wisdom and all your offerings you gave. Your play sheets are so colorful and fun to work with. And now I am proud that I finished this course, I followed through.

Much love and gratitude from my heart to yours, Sara.

Alexandra Io Riederich, Germany

A wonderful day! It feels like a well-guided journey within myself. I had some thoughts about my intention for the day and got good help with clarifying the core essence. The painting was very inspiring to do. I feel like the painting of the body turned out just perfect. Afterwards when we went through what I had painted and what it symbolizes it all was exactly how I feel and act. A real aha-moment!

Ann-Katrin Lettevall, Sweden


I sincerely recommend Find Your Own Creative Flow to all who feel the desire to reconnect with the inner dimension of their true self. I discovered that it wasn’t just the art and the projects that were waking me up, it was the aha moments.

Sara is the master of questions and always encourages you to look deeper and ask yourself, What does this really mean to me? I literally laughed and cried and in the end felt damn proud of all that I created.

Thank you Sara for this wonderful journey!

Donna-Cherie Harrison, Australia

Shop assistent

Finally! Finally someone who gets me, understands me and talks to me in such a way that it sticks. Thanks to clear exercises and modules that are talking my language as a creative thinker, am I now moving forward to having a healthy relationship with money – and more importantly myself. 

Abby Wilkes, U.K.


Your art journey proved to be enlightening for me. I enjoyed the private Pinterest board where we could comment and share our thoughts. This created confidence in my art practices. I felt supported, yet you were not too light on us, you pushed us to ask questions of our unconscious.

I’ve just begun to take myself seriously by taking this course. It was a fun, joy, light, beautiful experience.

Sara, you are a wonderful teacher and I would like the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Being an artist beyond my imagination!

Jane Morba, U.S.


A wonderful, liberating day, which released stress and made me think of solutions rather than problems. I was able to recognize that I’m still creative and that I like my creativity and that it can help me solve problems in an easier way as a business owner. And the feeling is still there!

Pia Michélsen, Sweden

Coach & Educator,

As a busy mum and business woman I want information I can easily apply in my real life, and I want that information given to me in a clear, no fuss style so that I can get on with applying it in my own life. Sara Aurora’s teaching style does exactly that. Thank you Sara. I can confirm I’m now in a happy and loving relationship with money. I now have a money friend instead of a money monster.

Wendy Tomlinson, U.K.

Life & Business Coach

Sara Aurora Waters is a great teacher and coach. She’s very understanding and accommodating of her students. I’m able to walk away with a free sense of being. To face those deep-rooted feelings, take charge of my life, and say yes to abundance.

Jody Kristina, U.S.

Intuitive Leadership Coach

Thank you Sara – I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with you! You have given me the tools for removing my money blocks in a gentle yet insistent way.

Toni Dearle, Australia

Tour organizer

I really love the year-long coaching program. You challenge me to even do new things that I’m terrified of. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve got a whole new different view of money. I feel I deserve a lot more now. I don’t have to choose between money, love and success.

Linda Bengtsson, Sweden

Spiritual Channeler & Intuitive Guide

I would highly recommend healing & coaching with Sara. She is great to work with – supportive, patient and understanding. She is very intuitive in her healing and knows just what questions to ask and then heals accordingly on the issues that come up.

I felt immediately at ease and comfortable talking with Sara. I had never experienced this kind of healing before – it seems to bypass our conscious selves which in my case often seems to fight healing and progress so it is extra wonderful to find something that goes beyond that.

I will be back for more 😊 Thank you for everything 💖

Sara Lyndley, U.K.

Primary Teacher