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  • Would you like to break free from what’s blocking you to live your dream life?
  • Do you feel stuck, and no matter how much positive thinking you do, or how much you try to use the Law of Attraction, things don’t seem to change?
  • Are you frustrated with your personal relationships, your job or lack of fun?
  • Do you know that you’re meant for more and have an important purpose on Earth, but don’t know how to create that life?
  • Are you suffering from burnout and/or perfectionism and there’s not enough fun in your life?
  • Are you a lightworker or an artist and want to be seen and supported by someone who gets you?

Then we should talk!

I am an intuitive healer and have developed my own healing method, Quantum Express Healing™. This is a super fast way to delete subconscious, limiting beliefs, as well as installing new supportive beliefs in record time. My intuition will find the blocks that need healing, and it will guide us to work on what’s stopping you, regardless if that’s something that happened in this life – for example in your childhood – or if it’s a trauma or a vow from a different lifetime.

If you struggle with imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough and keep putting your dreams on hold, you’ve come to the right place!

Together we will make a plan for where you want to be and how to get there. We will go on a journey to explore YOU, and we will use healing, talking and creative work to get there.

I will teach you how to use kinesiology ( = muscle testing), so you get to see the difference before and after the healing. Beliefs that you first tested positive to, for example “I am a victim”/”I am stupid”/”I carry trauma from being killed for money”, will turn to “no”, and beliefs that you didn’t have when we started, like “I know how to set boundaries for myself/other people” and “I am good enough”, will now be a “yes”. Sometimes they don’t change straight away, but that only means that we need to dig a little deeper.

My healing work is extremely fast, and you will soon be a different person. You will notice a difference after every session. When you heal yourself, everyone in your life will be affected. When you change your inner world, the outside world will reflect that!

There is a lot of power in committment, which is why my 3- & 6- month packages are much lower priced per session – this is not a quick fix, but a way to turn your whole life around, and that needs to take a little time so your nervous system can adjust to the New YOU. Let’s meet on Zoom and see if we would like to spend the next 3 or 6 – or maybe 12 months together!


I would love to meet you for a virtual cup of coffee!

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My packages are:

1 single session, 500 USD

3 months of weekly sessions, 3,000 USD (12 sessions, 250 USD/session)

6 months of weekly sessions, 5,000 USD (25 sessions, 200 USD/session)

12 months of weekly sessions + unlimited emails, 20,000 USD

Payment plans are available for 3 & 6 month packages.

I worked with Sara for a year and a half and my life was completely transformed. Not the kind of flashy superficial transformation but the deep foundational shift. I felt completely stuck and after working with her I was in a totally different place. I felt grounded, supported by myself, empowered, and I’ve been able to shift some really core issues and see impactful results.
Sometimes I just needed to talk and those conversations were invaluable because Sara listened carefully and then coached me beautifully, helping me shift my perspective and mental states into a more supportive, loving and efficient point of view.
I can say working with her has felt like a collaboration with a dear friend. She helped me feel safe and supported all while keeping my agency and autonomy.
On top of that her (many!) recommendations were paramount towards my transformation.
I strongly recommend working with her if you want to address big change. I’m forever grateful and I will always consider Sara a powerful collaborator with whom to work again in the future anytime I need a boost towards the next level.
Paula del Rivero

Contemporary Artist,

Working with Sara is like working with a miracle worker. She deletes traumas from past experiences (and if you’re open to it, previous lifetimes) so you can live your life to the fullest. I had a full-time job that was stressful, unfulfilling, and I dealt with a lot of burn-out because of it. It didn’t feel like I was in control of my life. It felt like I was stuck in my situation with no way out.

In my first session with Sara, I mentioned I wanted to find a job that makes me happy. She began working on finding the deeper issues through a series of questions then deleting the traumas. I discovered some interesting things about myself in each session that helped shed light onto current fears and insecurities. In less than 3 months I found a new job and quit the job that was burning me out. My new job fulfills my passions and exceeds my expectations of how employees should be treated – they’re so kind-hearted!

After each session I felt lighter and freer. Like I am the one writing my own life story and I am in control of it. One of the sessions left me feeling extremely calm to the point that I could literally do just one task at a time without a million other thoughts/to-do’s filling my head.

My self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love is real now. I know I can manifest positivity into my life and ACTUALLY DO IT! I highly recommend Sara, she is truly amazing.

Leea Freedman, U.S.

Small Business Owner, Just Julie, LLC

I am truly happy to have spent this time working with Sara, exploring and healing blocks and emotions I could not otherwise explain.

Our Tuesday appointment was my favorite time of the week! I gained a ton of new understanding, and even started discovering a sixth sense of my own, which I hadn’t known existed!

I am glad to report that I am now much calmer, far more at peace with myself and my family, and less prone to constant overthinking of everything I do or feel. My perfectionism is more under control, and I am feeling so hopeful for the future!

Thank you Sara!

Dr. Susanna Kemper


I’ve been working with Sara for six months now, and I’ve seen amazing changes and had incredible realizations already halfway through her year-long program.

Her intuition is always spot on, giving her the ability to help much faster than traditional counselling. Her healing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I end each session full of hope and calm. I’m happier and more confident in my self-worth every day because of our work together. I enjoy the variety of her advice and techniques, from art therapy and reading material, to thought-provoking questions and healing. My soul is alive and I’m learning more about my soul purpose and how to create my own happiness each day.

Laurel Chase

Fiction Author,

Before I came to see Sara Aurora for a healing the illness had taken all my power away. both physically and mentally. I no longer had the will to live and I felt a lot of guilt, anxiety and fear. Those feelings were preventing me from fighting the anorexia and from wanting to live. Even the same day that I had been to see Sara Aurora my power was back. I started to eat the very same evening. (Read more about what Sofie says HERE!)

Sofie Lettevall


I began working with Sara as I had been feeling lost in my career for some time and wanted to discover what my soul purpose in life was so I could pursue it. Sara helped me to uncover many things that were blocking me from finding my way and also helped to heal a lot of seemingly unrelated things that were generally holding me back. Sara is extremely professional in her approach and having worked with Sara for just a few months I am feeling more healthy, well and happy than I have done in years.

Whilst working with Sara it became apparent that I had an interest and abilities as a healer myself. This led to me taking a healing course with Sara which was a fantastic and very profound experience. The course was brilliantly structured and extremely effective and boosted my confidence in my healing abilities tremendously, whilst leaving me with an amazing skillset and “toolkit” as a healer.

Helen Barnes, U.K.

Certified Healer

I started working with Sara because I was feeling stuck and uninspired in my business. I realized there was something deeper going on, but despite working with other modalities, I hadn’t been able to release the heaviness or many of the blocks that I was experiencing.

Our weekly sessions quickly became the highlight of my week.  we would work through some significant and deeply rooted  blocks but I quickly learned that this work would be done with love, light, ease and often humor.  I truly appreciate how Sara creates a space where long held blocks, fears and resentments can be dissolved and released without having to relive the pain and anxiety that often comes along with them.  

My work with Sara helped me clarify and actually take the action steps I chose to take. This work helped create a total pivot in my business.  Sara helped awaken me to my true calling of working within the realms of healing and light and love.  Our sessions also reminded me that I am here, in this place and time, to experience more: more joy, more abundance, more healing, more love, more ease, more fun, more success, more creativity.

Jodie Howard

Usui Reiki Master, Light Weaver, Intuitive Energy Healer,

When I got my first healing three years ago I had been in constant pain for 25 years. The same evening when I was watching TV and tried to take off my glasses I discovered that I wasn’t wearing them! The next morning I woke up and was pain-free for the first time in 25 years. I am still pain-free, have since the first healing felt an amazing inner peace and happiness, dare to trust people and feel a calmness that I’ve actually never felt before, not even as a child. I look on the bright side for the future and am open to everything that is good and positive. I dare to believe in love and trust a man, which was hard for me before I came to see you the first time. Today I feel complete harmony and am a certified healer myself. Thanks, Sara Aurora!
Brittmarie Hall

Certified Healer

Sara Aurora has a gift for listening, and hearing what’s really going on underneath all the story and drama. She has guided me from being tentative about selling my programs to now feeling confident, and in action. (Read more about what Alison says HERE!)

Alison H. LeBrun, U.S.

Personal Coach & Body Talk Practitioner,

A wonderful, liberating day, which released stress and made me think of solutions rather than problems. I was able to recognize that I’m still creative and that I like my creativity and that it can help me solve problems in an easier way as a business owner. And the feeling is still there!
Pia Michélsen, Sweden

Coach & Educator,

A wonderful day! It feels like a well-guided journey within myself. I had some thoughts about my intention for the day and got good help with clarifying the core essence. The painting was very inspiring to do. I feel like the painting of the body turned out just perfect. Afterwards when we went through what I had painted and what it symbolizes it all was exactly how I feel and act. A real aha-moment!
Ann-Katrin Lettevall